When we enter Trevil’s showroom at the company’s headquarters in Pozzo D’Adda near Milan, we are impressed by all the finishers, toppers, shirt finishers, presses, steam generators, technologically advanced vacuum and blowing ironing boards that meet any request. On display, there are also numerous spotting solutions, from a small table to a cabin. Last but not least, there is TREVI-SAN, a sanitizing cabin with the use of ozone, a highly unstable natural gas with extraordinary disinfecting and oxidant properties.

The entire range of products has one common feature and that is the quality of made in Italy. Engineer Corinna Mapelli who runs the company – the business will turn forty this year – with the company founder, Felice Mapelli, are both illustrating Trevil’s DNA, “our mission is the constant search for excellence within the industry of professional ironing equipment in order to meet the requests of the dry-cleaning and wet cleaning sectors best, starting from laundries, apparel businesses, hotels and institutions.

The production line of Pantastar, the pants-finisherPantastar

We always work on the development of excellent quality products while keeping in mind the needs of our clients, who are at the center of our business strategy at all times. The common thread is the Italian quality” adds Corinna Mapelli, “as we carefully monitor the entire productive chain while working with Italian suppliers with whom we have established consolidated and longterm business relations. We never outsource any core parts of the work, we want to offer reliability and always carry out the trial runs of all our products.

The Trevistar CR2 shirt finisher

During the recent months of the health crisis, apart from guaranteeing a constant support to our clients, we have invested in our Research and Development department trying to improve the existing products with the focus on innovation. When we think about a new project, we ask ourselves: what do our clients need? What helps them work better and what will contribute to obtaining better results in less time and at a lower cost?
We always consider solutions that would simplify the lives of the people who use our products”.

Smart display for a quick management of Treviform

What products are you focused on at the moment?
“We leave nothing behind and we work on meeting every request of the market.
Clients are our guides, our lighthouse. However, I would like to draw your attention to a couple of products making part of our wide range. The first one is the crown jewel of our company. It is called Trevistar and, in particular, the CR2 version that is the latest evolution of the renowned Trevil’s tensioning shirt finisher. The points of strength of the unit are: productivity, quality finishing and easy use. The machine allows to reach a real productivity of 50 shirts per hour because the quality of the finishing is so high that the shirts can be delivered without having to do any manual touch-up. Sleeve arms have been redesigned in order to allow an unprecedented precision in the control of sleeves tensioning.

Smart display for fine control of shirts tensioning on Trevistar

The movement of the cuff clamps has been studied to keep the cuffs always well aligned with the shoulders. The amount of tension impressed to the sleeves can be electronically programmed according to the fabric type. The machine has been equipped with a touch screen control panel called TreviTouch that makes it very simple to use the machine. Also, the new Smart interface allows to control all the movements in a simple, intuitive way.
Given the great success of the TreviTouch interface that the main models have been provided with, we have also included it in our tensioning finisher for jackets and outerwear, Treviform. Apart from the touch screen console, the new Treviform model presents another new convenience: the possibility of having a built-in boiler.

The Treviform, form finisher with a built-in boiler and the Trevitouch console

Moreover, during this difficult health crisis time, we have noticed that our ozone sanitizing cabins have been particularly successful”.
In conclusion, Corinna Mapelli says: “at Trevil, we are not just producers and sellers of machines. Together with our consultants, we have tried to create a network of professionals available to all our clients and a reliable guide for a sustainable growth”. •

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edited by Marzio Nava
Detergo Magazine December 2020