BURNUS PROFESSIONAL, a new beginning for Dr.SCHNELL group


Burnus Professional is a German company that certainly doesn’t need any introduction. The real news for the textile care market is that the historic brand is back on the market stronger than ever, waving the flag of quality and reliability. As part of the well-known DR.SCHNELL group, the company, therefore, reaffirms its availability as a reliable partner for high-quality textile products and washing processes always focused on excellence. We talk about this with Dr. Thomas Schnell, the CEO of DR.SCHNELL, who outlines the profile of the corporate group, its products, services as well as the company philosophy standing out behind every strategic decision of the group.

The SCHNELL group from Munich acquired the business operations of Burnus Hychem in 2022 and has continued them since then under the name Burnus Professional GmbH & Co. KG. In addition to production and business activities at the two plants located in Germany, this also includes sales activities in other European countries such as Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Poland.

The SCHNELL group, consisting of DR. SCHNELL GmbH & Co. KGaA, Burnus Professional, German Hygiene Liquids and ALEGRIA Seminare, is the holistic partner for all aspects of professional cleaning and hygiene. From cleaning and disinfection products, application technology to digital support, customized service as well as training and further education in the hygiene sector, the group with over 400 employees prepares every step on the way to perfect cleanliness in the professional sector.

A team of professionals at the service of cleaning and hygiene. Since the takeover, Burnus Professional has undergone a phase of realignment and strengthening. During this time, operational processes have been optimized and product lines further developed to better meet the needs of customers. High-quality detergents and washing systems are the foundation of a service portfolio that takes customers’ entire operational processes into account and creates efficient and economical washing processes.

You are extending and diversifying a lot on the market, what can you specifically tell us about that?
As part of the DR.SCHNELL group, Burnus Professional will benefit from the resources and innovations of a leading company in the field of professional cleaning solutions. We are very happy to add the professional textile hygiene business to DR.SCHNELL and to develop it with the very competent and experienced staff of Burnus Professional. The market for professional laundries is picking up noticeably and our customers’ laundry volumes and sales are increasing. We are impressed by the identification and commitment of Burnus Professional’s employees and look forward to exploiting synergies and increasing our service level together. With our sales and support network, we are present in Italy and other European countries. With our sales and support network, we are present in Italy and other European countries.

The attention to eco-compatibility and respect for the environment, besides being the right choice, sems to be also profitable. How are you moving in this direction? With over 110 products in its range, Burnus Professional offers solutions for all types of laundry and specific requirements. The focus is increasingly on the development of sustainable products and processes.

With the Green Line®, a system approach for environmentally friendly washing has been introduced. The line is certified with the EU Ecolabel, the seal of quality for maximum environmental friendliness throughout its entire life cycle: from raw materials to production and disposal. Especially in the area of sustainable product development, Burnus Professional benefits from DR.SCHNELL, which is the first company in the industry to determine a CO2 footprint for each product based on a DIN ISO-certified COv calculator. Burnus products are also continuously optimized in their CO2 footprint within this framework.”

“Finally, on behalf of Burnus Professional, I would like to thank our customers for their continued support and loyalty. We are ready to embark on a successful future together and continue to offer high-quality textile hygiene products and modern, reliable dispensing technology and to inspire our customers with our competent, personal service.” •

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by Marzio Nava
DETERGO Magazine # May 2024