SUCCESSFUL COMPANIES — Performance Industrial, the new Ecolab solution for the industrial workwear


The new Ecolab program has been developed to offer an optimal washing process in a single solution aimed at all the main workwear categories.
The Performance Industrial process can be used both to remove mineral oils, typical of mechanical industry, and protein stains deriving from food processing industry; it can also be adopted to wash and sanitize work uniforms and clean technical protective garments 

performance-industrial_detergo-images-001Performance Industrial
At Texcare 2016 in Frankfurt, Ecolab launched its latest program developed specifically for the workwear treatment. Considering that the European workwear market has been expanding, Ecolab engaged its R&D division in designing a new program that could meet the growing needs of the clients.

A single program for all workwear categories
Performance Industrial has been developed to offer an optimal washing process in a single solution aimed at all the main workwear categories. The same program can be used to remove mineral oils, typical of mechanical industry and protein stains deriving from food processing industry. It can also be adopted to both wash and sanitize work uniforms, and clean technical protective garments. The tests carried out by independent laboratories and the results coming from the first
clients that decided to use Performance Industrial confirm that the new formula of Performance detergent together with the special “boosters” integrated into the program can remove deep stains while protecting both the fibers of the most delicate garments and the reflective or fireproof parts of technical garments.
What is more, Performance Industrial, with the RKI certification to disinfect at 55° will undoubtedly enable the laundries to decrease the washing temperatures which will not only reduce energy consumption but also the stress the garments undergo.

1-disegno-pdf-x-web_detergo-n10-ottobre-001An innovative solution based on Ecolab’s patented technologies
The Performance program is based on a highly concentrated  emulsion (Performance Emulsion) that applies a new generation of surfactants and a mix of
particularly efficient additives specially developed to capture the soil and keep it in suspension. Ecolab, that has been working on making its emulsion technology
perfect over the last years, can offer a solution that can be simply dosed as a liquid and can offer the best washing performance of both liquid and powders. Two
new reinforcing surfactants developed by Ecolab have been added to the base detergent (Performance Booster E and F) in order to remove the soil and to optimize
the washing program according to various stain types.
pdf-x-web_detergo-n10-ottobre-001The Performance Booster F (version F as in “food”) contains various enzymes that guarantee perfect results also in case of protein stains, the most difficult
ones, that are typical of food processing and food service industries.


The final important component of Performance program is the alcaline booster (Performance Ultraboost).
It is a completely new product that aims at stains removal without causing any damage to fabrics; therefore helping to protect the technical properties of the


Performance Industrial helps obtain the best washing performance easily at the usual temperatures reducing however, the amount of washing detergents to be used.
On the other hand, in case of either high spin washing machines or continuous batch washers, it is possible to work at the same level of chemical products consumption but at lower temperatures (from 85 to 60-65°C) which saves energy and contributes to extending the lifespan of fabrics and to improving garments quality to the touch, and most of all, the wearers comfort.

3-foto-pdf-x-web_detergo-n10-ottobre-003The revolutionary formula of the emulsions guarantees excellent rinsing of garments while the use of lower temperatures reduces the downtime in laundries (absent
or limited cool down) by increasing, where necessary, the productivity of washing machines. •


ECOLAB EXPERIENCE Ecolab is a world leader in hygiene technologies and services, and in water and energy saving technologies. The most important businesses in the world operating in sectors like health care, food processing and service, energy and surely, textile services, have chosen Ecolab
as a trusted business partner in order to make sure that they will meet the highest possible standards in terms of quality and hygiene, and that their work processes will operate in the safest and the most efficient way possible.



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by Stefano Ferrio

Detergo Magazine – October 2016