In PONY, we understand the crucial importance of the machinery reliability and their production capacity for the competitiveness of a laundry service. By choosing to invest in reliable and high-performance equipment not only that guarantees an efficient and continuous workflow, but also helps to reduce operating costs and ensure customer satisfaction. In our 65-years of existence, we have always developed robust machines and automated, ergonomic solutions aimed at reducing production times while maintaining constant product quality with the lowest operating costs. The configuration of the various finishing units, specialized for each type of garment, is designed to provide the best experience, with spaces that optimize operators’ movements and reduce their effort, thus maintaining high productivity.

From the design stage of each one of our machines, we aim to maximize these aspects, that we are able to guarantee on every machine thanks to the complete control over the entire production process: from the early 3D product design stage to metal sheet processing, robotic welding, and surface protection of materials, including the thick ones, through our eco-friendly painting system. We then proceed to assembly and final quality control stages. We ensure careful packaging and reliable shipping to guarantee the integrity of the product until its delivery to the final customer.

All our machines are made in Italy in our factory located in Inzago (Milan), that extends on a surface area of over 15.000 square meters, of wich 10.000 square meters are covered and equipped with a photovoltaic system of 400.000 kW/h per year for self-production of electricity and nitrogen. Thanks to our comprehensive infrastructure, we are able to work more efficiently to ensure continuity of supplies and spare parts every day, as well as the highest product quality, that is monitored and guaranteed at every stage of the production process.

Our commitment is reflected in a wide range of highly reliable and productive products that meet all the different laundry needs: from ironing tables, with the widest range of bucks and accessories; universal and tensioned form finishers for outerwear; highly technological blown or pressed shirt finishers available in single or double version; trousers toppers suitable for finishing all types of trousers; cold or hot spotting machines; manual or pneumatic presses with a wide variety of bucks, to a wide range of steam generators and sanitizing products. Innovative solutions have also been implemented on each type of machine to promote energy savings and reduce overall consumption in the daily laundry management.

Each machine is designed and built to comply with the strictest regulations and quality standards required by the destination countries: from Europe to America, from Asia to Africa, and to Oceania. Thanks to this commitment, we bring Italian quality to the world, with 85% of our production destined for export.

“PONY provides professional consultancy for every need”

Our extensive offer is complemented by our professional consultancy services: from evaluating the premises, designing the layout, and recommending the most suitable machines and accessories for each specific need, to completing every individual project.

Our service centers, located in all regions of Italy and around the world, are able to provide both specialized consultancy and the best technical service in our customers’ language, thanks to ongoing training courses on the latest technologies and intervention methods. Additionally, they supply original spare parts to ensure that machines maintain the same optimal performance over the years.

We also provide, from our headquarters, a comprehensive aftersales technical support to ensure quick response to inquiries, with the possibility of remote support through the interactive PONY CLOUD 4.0 platform.

“PONY TOUCH TECHNOLOGY, the computerized system designed to meet the challenges of 5.0 INDUSTRY”

With PONY TOUCH TECHNOLOGY, we strived to reduce production times and make a valuable selection of data easily accessible to operators, facilitating management through continuous monitoring of all ironing cycles. It is precisely thanks to this computerized system that machines can be directly connected to the shop’s management software for seamless integration with the company systems, thus perfectly meeting the requirements to take advantage of the tax incentives allowed by INDUSTRY 4.0 regulations and laying the ground to meet the challenges of 5.0 INDUSTRY. We are proud to see that over the years, we have made our customers’ business easier and more productive with reliable and long-lasting machines. Our commitment translates into providing the best protection for your investment.

Come to visit our extensive 400 m2 Showroom at our facility in Inzago (Milan – Italy), to test and see each of our machines in operation, evaluate their efficiency live, and exchange information with our Area Managers and specialized Technicians. •

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Edited by Marzio Nava
DETERGO Magazine # May 2024