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Workwear — The importance of ongoing regulatory compliance — Certified uniform and PPE rental and cleaning services







For over 50 years Alsco Italia has provided professional uniform and PPE care and management services offering specific cleaning, repair, and control procedures, including pick-up and delivery at the customer’s site, which ensure ongoing regulatory standards compliance, and therefore workers’ safety.  

The increasingly strict regulatory standards and focus on workers’ health and safety require having a reliable and strategic partner who can ensure the company’s workers are provided with suitable workwear.

Having workers directly purchase and clean their own uniforms at home might lead to regulatory compliance violations resulting from obsolescence or degradation of the certified performance of garments over time. The foremost examples include flame-resistant cotton apparel (among the most widely used in different industries), as the performance of these garments deteriorates when exposed to incompatible household laundry detergents. The purchase of workwear also exposes the company to the risk of stocking articles that no longer meet the prevailing regulatory standards.

The service also ensures:

  • Implementation of the latest technical standards.
    • Garment upgrades to meet the latest regulatory provisions.
    • Execution of cleaning and repair processes CERTIFIED to maintain the required performance.
    • Development and certification of ad-hoc models.
    • Customization of workwear in compliance with the applicable standards.
    • Constructive, ongoing dialogue with certification entities.
    • Periodic verification of PPE performance.
    • Verification of suitability of materials and products to the processes required by an in-house lab.
    • Training on the latest PPE garment standards and performance.
  • Cost savings: no initial investment or stocking costs.
  • Fixed costs amortized over time: the complete service allows companies to accurately budget uniform management costs. The fixed rental fee spreads the financial burden evenly through the year.

The company currently has six service centers, and through its own distribution network visits 5,000 customers each week. All Italian Alsco service centers operate in compliance with the leading quality, environmental and safety management systems, certified pursuant to the following regulatory standards:

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015               Quality management systems”

UNI EN ISO 14001:2015              “Environmental management systems”

OHSAS 18001:2007                    “Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems”

UNI EN 14065:2016                    “Laundry processed textiles – biocontamination control system”

UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2016        “Medical devices – Quality Management Systems”

UNI EN ISO 20471:2017              “High visibility clothing – Test methods and requirements”

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015               “Quality management systems”

Alsco Italia provides traditional uniform rental, cleaning and management services, PPE, workwear for controlled areas, industrial mats, front office attire, linens and medical uniforms, and sterile RTT sets. Alsco also manages garments distribution, restroom sanitation services, and auxiliary product sales.


Italian Service Centers

Merlino (LO), Padua (PD), Pomezia (RM), Sovicille (SI), Oricola (AQ), Melilli (SR).

alsco.milano@alsco.it – www.alsco.it


edited by Alsco


JUNE 2019

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