2023, a brilliant year in terms of development and research for Montega® Chemical Solution. The driving force standing out behind our presence on the market, is the determination and willingness for improvement, as result of the feedback received from our most important customers during the last edition of EXPOdetergo International trade fair, held in October 2022. An excellent opportunity to express our gratitude to AIFL (Italian Association of Laundry Suppliers) and EXPO DETERGO, important partners in the recent decades in transmitting all the news related to the laundry world, not only in Italy but worldwide.

We have 2 new figures in the production staff of Montega® Chemical Solution, in the persons of Alessandro and Luca, working alongside the experienced and long-standing Claudio, Marco, Valter, Fabrizio and Federico, from the production of liquids, to powders and finally to warehousing and shipping. Last but not least, the office managers: Valentina, Rimma (new entry), Lucia, Laura and Lara. Montega® Chemical Solution is the answer for every need. Liquid detergents with optimised viscosity for automatic dosing systems, combining high performance with sustainable consumption, such as Lumiere, are among the latest innovations of Montega®.


The product is particularly distinguished through reduction of surfactants in purification, lower temperatures, and linen protection. Special additives for easily identifiable stains, such as typical stains on towels and bed linen, easily removable with a single use of the product Monte Forte Liquido, or lipstick stains, which should be treated with Clean SG Stick. Degreasers with the perfect mix of solvents and surfactants to enhance greasy dirt washing of different types, such as Clean SG Orange and Clean SG Sky.

Industrial powder detergents in line with the green philosophy, such as Deter Green P, or the more traditional ones which have always been the guarantee of success for all types of washing, as Matic White PS, excellent also for use in pre-solvents or F1, which this year joined the ZDHC gateway, the portal that globally certifies solutions complying with the sustainability criteria agreed by the textile supply chain. There are not missing either the products for treating that small percentage of linen that need a re-wash, that constitutes the socalled recovery washes: Montex Forte powder, HDL-1, Rimax Tu and Monten® Bluewash, the complete range of products by Montega, with successful results in any situation.

Thanks to the technicians and agents led by our Sales Director Venere Mattioli: Fabrizio, Roberto, Luca, Luciano, Raffaele, and Nicola, which are working with the utmost determination and cooperation to maintain and replace the systems all over the country with the latest generation models, much more advanced that are making washing more efficient and sustainable, both economically and environmentally. Crisis creates solutions. This is what happened when, as a consequence of the big energy crisis that coincided with the outbreak of the armed conflict on Europe’s outskirts, the chemical industry came to the aid of companies that, by their nature, have to use energy for washing and drying.

When it comes to low washing temperatures, Montega® has already developed always highperformance formulations, that are working even at low temperatures, but with the ultimate Rapid Dry we have made a step forward in the washing chain that no one had yet formulated: shortening drying times thanks to this special additive to be added to the last rinsing. Shorter times, less wearing and tearing of the linen, reduced energy consumption for the tumble dryer and lower CO2 emissions; more quantities of dried linen, with the same machines. 4 ambitious goals in one shot. The cherry on the cake: Rapid Dry can partially or fully replace the use of traditional fabric softener, and so to the four goals mentioned above is added the fifth, perhaps the best: reduced costs.

“The successful key for Montega®
is to combine detergent quality
with the respect for the environment

What happens when professional detergents formulated according to the latest researches meet the skill of the operators on the one hand and the state-of-the-art technology of the washing machines and dryers on the other hand? The washing becomes extremely efficient combining as result, the environmental sustainability and the protection of the treated items. Garments that you want to clean without compromising their quality, precious for their craftmanship or because they are made with noble fibres, are perfectly suitable for Wet Cleaning. We have been formulating detergents for more than forty years and, thanks to our close cooperation with the machinery manufacturers, we are also able to supply not only the chemicals but also the most suitable washing recipe by setting the right parameters of the washing machines, because Wet Cleaning is a system and needs all the washing steps to be carried out with care and precision.

Relying on solutions branded under the name H-Clemont Supra Nature, H Deliplus Nature H-Soft Nature, just to mention the most representative Wet Cleaning products by Montega®, means choosing the best and combining innovation with excellent sustainability in our formulations. White has always been the colour of… linen, but how much added value is there to bathroom towels or high-quality suite bedsheets coloured in different shades that nature is offering us? Montedel Natural Dye is Montega®‘s line of natural colours dye, with special results on the items dyed in these shades. Our Research and Development department has significantly extended the colour chart of the Montedel Natural Dye line, with no less than 11 base colours currently available, that can all be mixed together for an infinite variety of possibilities.

Always with the aim of having an excellent resistance to rubbing and very good washing fastness, crucial for this kind of items. A major asset, thanks also to the joint use of dedicated detergents and softeners, such as Top Level Nature and Soft Nature, both enhancing and guaranteeing the perfect washing resistance of this fantastic line of natural dyes. These colour capsules were extracted by MLAB University in Riccione from Montega® Chemical Solution’s Textile Treatment Line. •

We wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year 2024!

As part of its strong expansion, Montega® Chemical Solution is looking for hiring professionals, in various roles, in industrial laundry, small laundries and textile processing sectors.
– Are you a multi-firm agent (offering linen, machinery, etc.)?
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