Trevil takes care of their clients with the new versions of Trevistar CR and Pantastar


“We care” is the motto chosen by the brand for the upcoming EXPOdetergo International. Such a declaration of intent reflects the entire production line by this leading producer of ironing equipment based near Milan. Trevil’s tensioning ironing machines, the real points of strength of the business, have been further developed and improved in terms of performance and user friendly features

“We care” is a wonderful, yet simple English expression. It only takes six letters that pronounced with one breath communicate caring for people’s well-being, caring for things and having them at heart.
This is why “We care” has been chosen by Trevil, a manufacturer of ironing equipment based near Milan, on the occasion of EXPOdetergo International, an upcoming, leading global exhibition of textile care scheduled for 19 – 22 October in Milan.
The fact that the motto “We care” has been an inspiration for Trevil, is simply written over the pages of the company’s history. The business was founded in 1980 as an expression of the most creative and attractive Made in Italy production.

Then, for the next thirty-eight years, it proved to be able to successfully export the Italian quality to 150 countries. Such a result is the fruit of an everyday hard work of all the Trevil staff that manage, present and sell the ironing equipment designed by Trevil’s Research and Development department,
where the best Italian artisan creativity combines with the most advanced and updated technological know-how.
All this will be easily noticeable at EXPOdetergo International, where Trevil will exhibit new versions of their excellent machines. They have been designed to extend the market potential as far as highly performing and flexible equipment is concerned. “Automation processes, strictly connected to
the methodology of human labour interventions, never stop.
They constantly represent challenges” explains Corinna Mapelli, an engineer and the co-owner of Trevil together with her father, Felice Mapelli. She adds: “What can happen in textile care sector, is that, for instance, quality expands to the point that it starts involving any type of businesses in terms
of size, e.g. small businesses, too. They are characterized by working in reduced space. Consequently, during the machines design stage, we always keep it in mind together with the future transport and installation, and try to keep it simple.
The entire Trevil’s product range has been developed in the sign of a simple and easy use”.
Keeping and reaching the aims resulted in the development of a new version of Trevistar. This tensioning shirt-finisher has constituted a real point of strength of the business over the last sixteen years. It only needs 50 seconds to finish a garment. Such timing is unreachable by any expert human
operator. In a market where there are more and more shirts to finish, the new Trevistar CR has been updated in an almost “natural” way. No change in the velocity, it offers an even more detailed and better performing sleeves and cuffs finishing thanks to the completely re-designed sleeve arms.
The size of the machine has been reduced as well. It is now 1 m x 90 cm and it contributes to a significant energy saving.
Trevil’s philosophy also translates to the new version of Pantastar, trousers-finisher that the visitors to EXPOdetergo International will be able to admire. The machine has undergone some mechanical changes. The already top performing machine has further increased its performance level and ease
of maintenance.
During the show, Trevistar CR and Pantastar presented at Trevil’s stand will endorse the very wide range of Trevil’s products that include other ironing machines, ironing tables (vacuuming, blowing and steaming), presses, generators and self-service products, that all confer the undisputable prestige
and immediate recognition to the Trevil brand. •

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