Trevil, quality in the service of business, will be on display in Milan from 3 to 6 October


Icona_Focus_Trevil_200x100Expodetergo will be held in the pavilions of Fiera Milano from 3 to 6 October. It is an important opportunity to present the latest industry advances to national and international buyers.
A market trend analysis shows that small workshops are being pushed out by ever more mechanized plants. Service prices to the end-user are falling while the speed of re-delivery and the number of items to process are increasing.
So, for Expodetergo 2014, Trevil intends to focus heavily on automation. In Pavilion 4, stand H29-K30, the company will display its complete range of finishers for wet shirts, which includes solutions for blown and pressed finishing.
Trevistar is Trevil’s solution for ironing up to 50 shirts per hour with a soft finish and attention to detail. First released in 2000, Trevistar is constantly evolving. The 2014 version is even more compact and has a repositionable console for the placement of the shirt machine and related cuff and collar press, even in tight spaces.
Nowadays, you can’t overlook attention to the ergonomics and comfort of the workspace: for this, Trevistar can now be accessorized with an extraction hood that removes hot air from the workspace and that can be connected to a centralized evacuation system.
Finally, Trevistar’s air-heating circuit has been optimized to take full advantage of the latent heat of the steam and reduce consumption.
Presto FC is the latest addition to the Trevil line of hot plate units for shirts. During the design of Presto FC, Trevil’s engineers interviewed users and listened to their needs. “The goal was to create the ideal shirt-press through a constellation of solutions to improve quality,” said engineer Corinna Mapelli, head of the product development, “The machine was designed to provide the fastest, most comfortable dressing possible: the operator needs to make few movements to load and unload shirts.” “We then developed many tricks that work together to achieve a careful pressing without touch-ups. For example, we devised a system for pulling the rear hem that reduces operator fatigue during dressing and improves the pressing quality of the entire back. Finally, as we always do at Trevil, we focused on developing flexible systems that maintain the pressing quality unchanged even as the style, size and fabric of the shirt changes. For example, Presto FC allows adjusting the inclination of the sleeves as the cut of the shirt changes; one can apply a different tension to the sides, based on the fabric; …”.
Visitors to Expodetergo 2014 will have the opportunity to watch live demonstrations of all Trevil’s finishers, also for pressing jackets and trousers.
In particular, the Pantastar will be in action. Pantastar is the first machine for the complete pressing of classic trousers, introduced to the market by Trevil in 2009. Thanks to the patented TreviXpand mechanism, Pantastar combines the functions of a topper and a trouser press. In fact, the operator places the trousers on the machine like a normal topper, Pantastar performs the topper pressing cycle and, then, automatically folds the trousers and prepares them for pressing. The operator only has to check the positioning and start to the closure of the presses. Pantastar then performs the pressing cycle of the creases. Pantastar’s software stores up to 9 pressing cycles for different types of trousers.
In fact, Pantastar can press trousers of any cut and fabric, even delicate or elasticized, thanks to electronic regulation of the tension. The pressing pressure is adjustable, making it possible to press even fabrics sensitive to crushing like velvet; the press was designed to leave no seam impressions on the right side of the fabric. In addition, Pantastar can press uncreased trousers by selecting the specific “topper” function”.