TREVIL – Innovation for you


TREVIL means top quality professional finishing. We love inventing new solutions to simplify the lives of the people who use our products.

We lead the industrial finishing sector for production capacity, quality, innovation, technology and customer service.

  • Our productionis 100% Italian and flexible enough to satisfy the requirements of all our customers.
  • We are also the only company to offer a machine like Pantastar, a unique, patented, trouser finishing system.
  • At Trevil we look to the future in a people-oriented way, and strive to surprise our customers for our ability to listen and foresee their needs, and for the quality of the solutions we propose.

At Trevil our Mission is always to seek excellence in the field of professional finishing equipment and to satisfy the needs of the dry cleaning, wet cleaning, laundry, garment manufacturing, hotel and care sectors.

We pursue excellence while considering the needs of our customers, who are central to our business strategy and deserve access to all the tools and innovations they need to grow their businesses efficiently, safely and sustainably.

Safe, efficient products

Innovation alone is not enough. Safety, efficiency and a constant commitment to improve must come with it. This is why we invest in research and development. In this way, only the best reaches the hands of our customers, our stars.

The chance to grow our customers’ business

We don’t just make and sell machines. Our consultants are always on hand to guide our customers towards sustainable growth. Because if they grow, so can we. We can go further together.

A safe journey towards optimised man-machine costs

As experts in garment finishing, we know how important it is to find the right balance between labour and machine performance. We do our best to ensure that this balance does not just remain constant, but improves.

Faultless after-sales services

With our machines, nobody is ever alone. We assist step by step through the configuration, installation and start-up of all types of machine. And if there is a problem? We’ll be there immediately. And we hold a full stock of spares.