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TRADE NEWS — Performanc™ Industrial by Ecolab, the winning solution for industrial workwear and uniforms






Ecolab is a world leader in water, technology, hygiene and energy services.
All over the world, we help our clients in the field of food production, restaurants, hotels, health care and industry to guarantee clean and safe work environment by operating efficiently and reaching the objectives of sustainability thanks to our products

At Ecolab, sustainability is an integral part of everything we do.
Through technology, information, on-site service visits and remote support, we help companies succeed in their customers’ demands, while minimizing environmental impact and total operating costs.
Ecolab Textile Care Division have been focusing on the sector of industrial workwear and uniforms, offering the industrial laundry businesses a new customized service so that they can provide safe and perfectly clean and disinfected garments, water & energy saving solutions, and reduce waste.
Performance™ Industrial program was specifically tailored to the needs of washing and maintenance of industrial workwear and uniforms, providing customized solutions for a broad range of industrial textiles, from the automotive and mechanical sector to the food processing one, and the personal protective equipment (PPE).
Performance™ Industrial program also includes a complete product line, certified Nordic Ecolabel – Nordic Swan. This range of eco-certified products and the standard program are both based on the same key elements: a high concentrated liquid detergent  (Performance™
Emulsion/Emulsion M) based on the patented formula of Ecolab emulsions for laundries, a surfactant booster containing an innovative fabric protection technology and the SRT ANTI-SOIL TECHNOLOGY (Performance ™ booster and/booster M) based on anti-redeposition technology, a gentle and safe alkaline booster with high-performance anti-redeposition capacity to prevent fine soil particles from reattaching to the fibers and (Performance ™ Ultraboost).

(1-2) The SRT is applied on the textile; this is not visible and doesn’t change the textile touch
(3-4) The SRT protects the textile and makes the stains easy to remove
(5-6) During every washing cycle, the SRT is removed with the soil and is re-applied on the textile
Performance™ Industrial – SRT TECHNOLOGY EFFECT
Treatment on motor oil stains removal. Same washing procedure in the same washing machine.
1. After washing SRT treated by Ecolab
2. Not washed
3. After washing and untreated

Ecolab have been working with independent suppliers of retro-reflective tapes and personal protective clothing to certify washing processes based on Performance ™ Industrial, through professional endorsement. The aim was to officially recommend safe washing solutions, able to preserve the technical features of the protective clothing, extend the textile lifetime and respect brilliant colors.

Performance™ Industrial compared to standard not Ecolab program on personal protective
clothing with retroreflective tapes, after 10 and 35 washing cycles & drying

Several tests have been carried out on the lifespan of the industrial workwear and uniforms washed for 1 year with the Performance™ Industrial program, in order to validate the effectiveness of the washing performance and the correct maintenance of the characteristics of industrial clothing. The special chemistry of the components of PerfomanceTM Industrial and the processes run at 50- 65 °C allowed to increase the textile lifetime and preserve the technical properties of 100% cotton and blends (polyester/cotton mixture 65%/35%), all tracked with microchips. The new generation of the Ecolab emulsion formulation, together with the surfactants and the mix ture of additives contained in the surfactant and alkaline boosters, have ensured perfect results for the most difficul and typical stains of food processing industries and also on the mineral soils of the metal-mechanical ones, without damaging the textiles.

Effective stain removal and protection of the technical characteristics of the clothing thanks to Performance™ Industrial.
Test conditions: Increase in the number of washing cycles for new garments introduced and tracked with chips or barcode


Our customers are able to increase the average number of  wash cycles between 10 and 15% on industrial workwear and uniforms, thanks to PerfomanceTM Industrial: this is a key factor to help them protecting their investment on new textiles.
Ecolab, that continuously works to improve its products, offers a unique and simple solution, with safe packaging and accurate and precise dosing through automatic dosing systems, and guarantees high performance of washing with superior efficiency, compared to solutions based on powders or conventional liquids, not emulsion like. •


Detergo Magazine June 2019

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