Trade News — Four years of the “gentle chemistry” by Christeyns have changed the face of Italian market


The sector sees more and more laundries making a choice, thanks to these products, to follow the sustainability and the environmental protection road


Four years have passed since Christeyns, a Belgian multinational producer of chemical products with one of its headquarters also in Italy, launched its “Cool Chemistry”, its gentle chemistry onto the market.

Today, the time that has passed easily reflects its revolutionary aspect for the entire textile care sector. In 2019, Cool Chemistry represents a point of reference, a winning formula that has been continuously expanding also in Italy where more and more industrial laundries and dry-cleaners choose to use the product lines designed and commercialized by Christeyns Italia with its headquarters and a factory based in Pessano con Bornago near Milan.

The secret of such a remarkable success is reflected by the name even before the elements and values of the perfect chemical formulas applied by Christeyns. It leads us to the company’s philosophy, completely different from the one based on simple and outdated concepts of supplying. The name is “sharing”.

It is indeed the concept of “sharing” that Christeyns builds for its clients as the basis of business relationships going beyond just product supplying. It involves clear values of sustainability, environmental protection and energy saving that are to be considered the foundations of Cool Chemistry. Today, our planet Earth is not just a simple background but rather a “subject-matter” of any economical relation implying an industrial production that will then have an impact on our environment.

Being aware that, in XXI century, it is impossible not to see certain values, in 2015, Christeyns launched its Cool Chemistry based on four main principles:

  • Maximum performance levels of washing at low temperatures, also at 40 degrees and without adding salts
  • Excellent levels of complete stain removal
  • Neutral PH chemical processes therefore, eco-friendly
  • The longest possible lifecycle of garments guaranteed by gentle treatments.

These are the principles that clearly state “how to wash” which has become an essential value to be combined with “how much to clean” applied to laundries’ policies that do not distinguish their profits from the wellbeing of our planet anymore. The gentle chemistry by Christeyns has been made for them.


Detergo Magazine February 2019

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