THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS – Lavariva, evergreen quality


The years go by and markets incessantly evolve. Changes the Riva family responds to with passion and time-honed competence, by placing the Mariano Comense (Northern Italy) business at the service of local companies and families.

A tree.
_MG_8711 copiaA beautiful tree.
Evergreen and ever bearing.
Strong and deeply rooted in its native land.
Its sturdy trunk emanates security and vitality.
Its top is a luxuriant crown of branches, leaves and fruit.
It would be hard for anyone to say that this image cannot be used to describe this beautiful company, rich in history yet dynamic.
Lavariva is an “iconic example” that goes beyond its being a laundry located in Mariano Comense. In terms of roots, Lavariva’s history is so important that it fully explains why the company owned by the Riva family placed first among Italian companies (and third among all other European companies) competing for the prestigious prize awarded last October by the Cinet organization on occasion of EXPOdetergo International at the Milan fairgrounds.
“Our roots can be readily traced to two points of origin” – says Francesco Riva, who together with his sister Silvia currently owns the company and employs about ten people – “the first is our family. My father Angelo Riva opened the laundry in 1963, with the support of his sister Angela at first and thereafter with that of our mother, Pinuccia, who still plays a fundamental role in running the shop”.
FURGONEdepliant_personal_care-001“The other key point for understanding the history and unique nature of Lavariva – Francesco continues – is called territory. In fact, the entire story of our laundry business revolves around the basic relationship with manufacturers of upholstered and stuffed articles that made Brianza famous worldwide. In fact when my father opened the shop back in the ’60, his only customers were private citizens. The proximity, passion for his work and will to take up “new challenges” drove my father to start collaborating with local upholstered furniture and stuffed article crafting companies. Over time, our reliability and professionalism led to our collaborating with increasingly larger companies and today we are the preferred service provider for world-leaders in the upholstered furniture market. Currently 70% of our customers are private citizens and 30% are companies”.
22 VARIE 2 depliant_professional_care-001In view of the above, a visit to the laundry shop clearly details the role Lavariva shouldered upon itself over 50 years’ worth of pick-ups, deliveries and on-site services. Mobility has always played a key role in the success of the Riva family owned company. “Collaborating with upholstered furniture companies – says Francesco Riva – also requires being prepared to disassemble and reassemble all furniture components. Lavariva has two distinguishing characteristics: the first is a shop-lab that is always open and ready to receive garments and textile articles from private citizens and companies; the second is on-site service”.
The efficiency and full-service that characterize the excellence of Lavariva are perfectly explained in view of the company’s history, where each decision is made according to a well thought-out and coherent process. A legacy that started with Angelo, and since 2008 has been carried out by his two children, as well as celebrated by a “Tradition and Innovation” meeting, which draws representatives from seventy dry cleaners and laundries to the new headquarters of the company in Mariano Comense, organized in collaboration with a prestigious partner, Media Impianti.
depliant_personal_care-001All of these choices and initiatives result from a business approach that is fundamental to understanding Lavariva’s success. “Being constantly aware of market dynamics – confirms Francesco Riva – is what gives a family owned company like ours an edge. This philosophy has inspired all of our latest acquisitions: the flatwork ironer that allowed us to radically decrease ironing times, the hydrocarbon-driven machine that is invaluable for washing certain articles, the trousers press, the automatic bagger that allowed us to automate the packaging process and get articles ready for customers in a shorter amount of time. These investments are important for our infrastructure, but without reliable and attentive employees they would not be enough for us to compete on the market. That’s why we consider our employees one of Lavariva’s key strengths”.
IMG_6335Investments in technology and workflow streamlining processes are indispensable to maintaining a highly professional and competitive market presence.
“Within the current context of financial crisis – Francesco Riva concludes– in addition to quality and a fast turn-around, customers seek to minimize expenses and tend to give priority to the best price”.
Words that explain how the tree, the beautiful tree that belongs to Lavariva, continues to bear highly prized fruit.

Detergo Magazine – December 2014