THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS Armony, friend to salons in the Veneto region


The story of how an artisanal, family-run enterprise in Treviso has become a valuable resource for hundreds of salons… who finally found the kind of service they had longed for

tulisa-contostavlos-at-a-beauty-salon-in-london_3So much life is aired in hair salons.
We are reminded of this in Treviso, thanks to the story of a small, hard-working family-run business called Armony, whose success and history account for its definition as an “artisan laundry”, occupying its own signature space somewhere between industrial giants and the constellation of typical dry-cleaning shops.
A stream of life filtered through the hum of hairdryers under the expert tradecraft of a Carmen, a Zoe or a Giovanna, who have all had their hands in our hair at one time or another.
Which calls up images from the film “Steel Magnolias” that, in 1989, launched Julia Roberts’ star into the Hollywood firmament. It’s the story of six women who narrate their lives, filled with passion and tragedy, liberally spiced with comedic spitefulness, as they entrust themselves weekly to the tender ministrations of the dear and explosive Truvy, esthetician-hairdresser with a talent for “counseling” her customers on their love-lives.!cid_7CEA5BA5-76BA-4960-93F6-34A32A93AA62
The invisible traces of all that life, confided and examined while waiting for a shampoo and set, remain in the towels dripping with lotions and confidences shared from one chair to another. They are indelibly impressed in the minds of the lucky viewers, along with the beautiful faces of the cast of that film starring, in addition to Roberts, silver-screen giants like Shirley McLaine, Sally Field and Dolly Parton.
“Steel Magnolias” effortlessly comes to mind on a visit to the Armony Laundry, successfully established by husband and wife team Vania Tonetto and Luca Furlan in San Biagio di Callalta, in the province of Treviso. Because here, inside the constantly running washing machines, hundreds of towels and sheets whirl every day, soaked not only with hair conditioner and dye, but also with endless, more or less intimate, conversations.
copertinaThe Furlans took note of this multi-faceted reality playing out at salons in every corner of the Italian peninsula. “It all began several years ago when we started a self-service laundry”, relates Luca Furlan. “We noticed that week-in and week-out, vast amounts of towels, sheets and work apparel poured in from salons in the surrounding area. Once we focused in on this widespread and consistent demand, my wife and I decided that perhaps the time had come to steer our business in a new direction, offering our services exclusively to a market with specific, ongoing needs. If we could provide a rental service to these salons, with pickup and delivery of clean linens, we would be offering a convenient, highly professional service, based on the fundamental principles of punctuality and quality”.
A winning idea. So much so that it wasn’t long before Luca and Vania abandoned the self-service operation to dedicate their efforts full-time to the business now blazoned across the home page of their website: “Laundry exclusively tailored to hair and spa salons — a first in all of Italy”. A dazzling and enticing facade behind which lies a business that, in addition to processing a steady stream of linens, rests on unquestionably convincing statistics. “In just a short while”, explains Luca Furlan “relying on the strengths of a trustworthy service that relieves our customers of the labor-intensive burden of doing their own laundry, we managed not only to expand into the province of Treviso, but also into the nearby provinces of Venice and Padua”.foto 2
This boils down to about a hundred clients, divided between hair and spa salons, to whom they supply perfectly laundered linens and towels that are also appreciated for the materials they are made of, the kinds fabric that ensure customers that the environment and their health are also being safeguarded.
This is breakthrough ecology because it grew out of the market itself, and the “Notice the difference?” campaign launched by Assofornitori, the trade association tied to our magazine, designed to promote the use of fabric because it is much more healthful and durable than the multitude of polluting and toxic “disposable” options.
Both the past and the present-day reality of the Armony Laundry of San Biagio di Callalta are brilliant demonstrations of how significant this proverbial difference can be. And valuable. Like the events of everyday life that bend to accommodate the products and styling that go on inside a beauty salon.