Macpi is pleased to announce the launch of their new shirt-finisher unit, model 291 in Italy. Already commonly in use in Europe for some time now, this innovative technology has finally entered the Italian market to simplify the operations of shirts pressing at industrial laundries. The machine can be programmed according to clients’ necessities to easily obtain a highly customized experience.

Set in four work stations (loading – steam – blowing – automatic discharge), this shirt finishing machine produces perfectly finished garments without any wrinkles. Very simple to use, thanks to the blowing system that is active also during the stations rotation, the applied technology has been designed to optimize every stage of the work while guaranteeing an increase in productivity and a sharp decrease in downtime.

The main advantages:
• Automatic loading of the hangers;
• Four rotating dummy stations that blow hot air also during the rotation;
• Steaming for a thorough sanitizing and a perfect final result;
• Sleeves clamps with an automatic tension device designed specifically to
delicately spread the sleeves and avoid the creation of wrinkles;
• Hot air recovery with the air reused in the blowing stage;
• Simplified maintenance of the air filter;
• Automatic discharge of shirts directly onto the hangers.

Apart from the automatic loading and unloading of garments, the machine offers many more functions that simplify the operator’s work, e.g. the presence of stations at a lower height if compared to the competitors’, which makes the operators work less demanding physically in terms of movements. The machine has also been equipped with a practical command foot pedal and a touch screen to set work cycles according to customers’ necessities.
What is more, Macpi has launched another revolutionary machine for an industrial laundry sector: a tunnel finisher, model 534.
A tunnel finisher is one of the most important machines in the garment logistics, and it has now been introduced by Macpi into industrial laundries as well. Like never before, this technology actually allows to automatize garments finishing before the delivery to stores, producing from 500 to 2.200 pieces per hour.
One of the most important innovations of the tunnel finisher 534 by Macpi is the ventilation chamber with a radial system and a proportional air flow over the entire garment which limits the risk of the garment falling down from a hanger during the drying stage.
Another innovation is a steaming chamber divided into three independent areas.
This significant implementation allows to steam one or two areas, according to the garment type, preventing from damaging delicate garments and obtaining great results in terms of energy saving. The steaming chamber has been provided with 2 pillows at the entrance and at the exit in order to prevent heat dispersion.
The main advantages of the tunnel finisher by Macpi:
• Even blowing;
• Homogeneous steaming of garments;
• Steaming chamber with three independent areas where each one can be activated separately according to the type of garments to treat;
• Garments falling signal;
• Discharge device is compatible with the most commonly available transport systems;
• Easy access for maintenance.
The service can be customized on request with each garment traceable through a barcode for an even more customized and tailor-made experience of our clients. •

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Edited by Marzio Nava

Detergo Magazine November 2020