TESSILTORRE, the passion for quality is waiting for you at EXPOdetergo International 2022!


The term “passion” is standing out on the website of the company Tessiltorre (www.tessiltorre.com). Tessiltorre’s passion can be recognised in the products, touching but also watching them. A business card, a way of being, a company philosophy. Tessiltorre is the symbol of a business model, the family business model, the economic spine of our country, a pattern that in Italy can be found in 4 out of 5 companies. A made in Italy excellence for solidity and quality, as a furnace of values linked to the history and tradition.

Tessiltorre is producing and selling tablecloth, bed sheets and bathroom linen since the late 1980’s, targeting directly the industrial laundries market, the hotels and restaurants. The founder’s watchword, Gabriele Littamè, has never been changed over the time: it was and it remains – the quality. It can be expressed in multiple aspects. Quality is the selection of the raw materials. Continuous research on the yarns. Experimentation. To offer uniqueness, innovation and originality. The ability to choose the best raw materials: Tessiltorre points on the Egyptian cotton. Quality means also to pay attention to the customer’s needs, for responding in a satisfactory way to all its requirements.

But it is also the attention to detail and to the product customisation. Putting experience, creativity and technology in a virtuous circle to offer an added value to the market. “We try to distinguish ourselves from the others, by offering a unique collection to our customers” says Roberto Littamè, the manager of the company, that I have met in Dairago, alongside the salesmen Maurizio Calloni and Maurizio Paleari. They have welcomed me for the interview in a meeting room embellished by the extraordinary colour element of the Tessiltorre sample book, a beautiful sight. The team spirit of Tessiltorre was easily noticeable during the interview, from the production to the administration, from the sales to the management.

Maurizio Calloni, the company’s long-standing salesman, strongly emphasises the campaign that Tessiltorre is implementing for the table clothing and against the unrefined and anti-ecological paper use. “We have proposed to the industrial laundries a sticker, recommended to be displayed at the restaurants entrance, as a sort of a poster attesting the guarantee of cleanliness and hygiene”. A recognition badge, a mark of reliability for the table linen that represents a hygienic, ecological and elegant product. In fact, adds Roberto Littamè, “in the recent months we are noticing a greater awareness and appreciation for the table clothing, in the catering industry.

The customers’ awareness is achieved with constant and daily information. This is the reason why we have proposed the sticker, as a guarantee seal, an added value for the restaurant, but also as a special attention to the customer”. Because we are eating with the mouth, but our eyes and the sense of smell, are playing an essential role, adds Maurizio Paleari, part of Tessiltorre team only for few months, but with a long experience behind in this market segment. He adds: “our approach as Tessiltorre towards the customers is clear, we have a major contribution in the selection of a particular product, by customising an exclusive proposal for each customer. And then besides looking good, the product must also resist to the industrial treatment”.

“Our fabrics have a special cotton with a unique blend, and over the years we have improved our product by combining elegance and longevity. For EXPOdetergo International 2022, we will present a few new designs with different and more eye-catching colours, guaranteeing high quality standards with yarn-dyeing, where every single yarn is dyed before becoming the warp and weft of a fabric,” concludes Roberto Tessiltorre.

Appointment in October at Milano Rho Fiera – Hall 3 – Booth K11




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Tel. 0331 432466
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