SUCCESSFUL COMPANIES — Surfchimica launches OZOSTAR and laundry will never be the same


The Milanese company finally enables laundries in Europe and Italy to stand up to American competitors with an eco-friendly ozone gas-based product. A gas that when used according to Surfchimica’s instructions brings nothing but advantages to the laundry sector: lower consumption and costs, enhanced environmental safety and maximum customer satisfaction.

A name to keep in mind from now on, as this is the name of a turning point for both Italian and European laundries.
A turning point that means absolute cleanliness, top quality performance, lower consumption and enhanced environmental safety in one, single shot.
The credit for this belongs to Surfchimica, the Milanese company located in Peschiera Borromeo which developed and launched OZOSTAR on the market, further enhancing its already high standards of reliability, competitiveness and keen aptitude to interpret and effectively meet market needs.
The name OZOSTAR in itself brings ozone to mind.
The molecular nature of ozone gas is widely known to ensure top-notch cleanliness and disinfection.
People who certainly know and keep up to date on this topic are those in the USA, where from 16 to 19 April 2015 the city of Atlanta will host the much awaited Clean Show, a world trade expo that is renowned for capturing the attention and expectations of the global dry cleaning and industrial laundry sector.
frame 01The America of Clean Show is also the America where ozone has been used by laundries to achieve a cleanliness standard of absolute excellence for ma ny years now. A trend that laundries in Europe and Italy can follow just as successfully now, thanks to the OZOSTAR system. It serves to remind us of the positive side of Chemistry, which truly shines when it comes to production system performance improvements that fully respect the environment and ensure economic growth.
Surfchimica has focused on eco-friendliness ever since it first appeared on the market and the launch of OZOSTAR is further proof of its commitment.
Now let’s take an in-depth look at how it works.
frame 02In terms of chemistry, ozone is a molecule composed of three oxygen atoms. In nature it forms
when a stable molecule (O2) is split into two unsta energy, such as that of an electrical discharge.
When a free oxygen atom collides with a stable O2 molecule, they join and create ozone (O3).
Ozone gas is colorless, has a sharp odor and is a powerful oxidant.
Since ozone molecules are highly unstable and tend to split, ozone cannot be stored and must instead be produced on the spot as needed my means of an ozone generator.

To fulfill certain cleaning and/or disinfection requirements laundries often have to heat the wash water up to aquafactor_hrtemperatures that reach or exceed 75°C. Ozone works at lower operating temperatures, in the 30/35°C range, which means the same results can actually be achieved using cold water. This is because the oxygen released into the water by the ozone boosts the detergents cleaning action by itself, eliminating the need to increase the water temperature. The remarkable decrease in hot water consumption saves energy and extends the clothes lifespan.
The efficacy of industrial laundry detergents increases when they are mixed with ozone. This is because ozone facilitates fibers penetration, boosting their cleaning power. The oxidizing action of ozone reduces the bleaching effect of chlorine, a common tap water additive that may damage the fabrics. The presence of alkaline detergent-base substances and bleaching residue in the fabric requires the high pH to be rebalanced by means of chemical products (acids). Ozone keeps the pH neutral, hence minimizing the use such substances.
Adding ozone to the water keeps static electricity from forming and therefore reduces consumption of softeners used for this purpose in the final phase of the wash cycle. Clearly this minimizes the amount of water required to rinse the fabric, and consequently decreases the amount of wastewater discharged into the sewer system. Moreover, a shorter wash cycle is less damaging to the fabrics, and minimizing the use of aggressive chemicals increases the lifespan of washing machines.
Many pathogens can’t withstand ozone. It prevents unpleasant odors, kills viruses and up to 99% of bacteria commonly found on soiled garments. Last but not least, since ozone opens the garment fibers, it reduces rinsing times as well as drying times because more water can be removed during the spin cycle.
The reduction in basic operating requirements, such as the amounts of detergent, water and energy, yields savings of up to 50%.
The use of cold water limits “stress” on the fibers, speeds up ironing and eliminates the need to wash white and colored clothes separately. In addition to all this, better cleaning results are achieved when garments are washed using a mix of ozone and a suitable detergent.
This product combines the answers to the unconditional demands of a modern, forward-looking society in terms of improving wastewater quality and reducing water and energy consumption, key factors for sustainable development.
Working conditions are also improved and made safer, which further safeguard the health of laundry operators.

Surfchimica designed OZOSTAR to be an ozone production system that can be safely used in laundry environments.
The ozone generator is equipped with an air compressor that delivers air to an oxygen concentrator.
This concentrator supplies the raw material that is transformed into ozone by means of an electrical charge.
The ozone is then delivered to the washer drum, where it dissolves into the water for maximum exploitation of its sanitizing action. The ozone production systems made by Surfchimica can be used in small and medium sized laundries. The initial investment is paid back within one or two years though water and energy savings.

Marco Vaccari (a sinistra/left) e Roberto Castelli, i due titolari di (the two owners of) Surfchimica
Marco Vaccari (a sinistra/left) e
Roberto Castelli, i due titolari di
(the two owners of) Surfchimica

The Surfchimica company mission
Innovation and environmental safety the company founded four years ago by Roberto Castelli and Marco Vaccari after spending many years in the dry and wet cleaning sector.
Surfchimica specializes in making products for laundries. An internal research and development department, in collaboration with leading chemical manufacturers, designs the products which are then built and sold to laundries. Thanks to its experience in the sector, the Milanese manufacturing company grew rapidly in Italy and Europe, and gained a high profile customer base.
All of this was achieved by following the principle of eco-sustainability.
Minimizing energy consumption rates and the environmental impact of laundries are in fact the driving principles behind all products made by Surfchimica. From this viewpoint, in a market where laundries receive an increasing amount of casual garments that can be washed in cold water, the Milanese company developed technology that fully combines and exploits the synergistic action of machinery, chemical products and programmed wash-cycle.
Aqua Factor® is based on a series of products such as Factor Power, a concentrated laundry water additive, Factor Nice, a gentle additive for washing delicates, and Factor Safe, a wide-spectrum finishing agent that keeps textile fibers from being damaged and imparts a pleasant, longlasting scent. Also worthy of mention are Factor Sany, an eco-friendly stain remover with sanitizing action for wet cleaning, Factor Noble, a wet cleaning textile fiber finisher, and Factor Spot, a spot remover specifically designed to remove grease stains in the wash. The action of these products, together with professional washers with specific features, enables laundries to wash wool, mixed wool, cashmere and other garments while saving water and electricity.


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by Stefano Ferrio

Detergo Magazine – March 2015