Dear friends,
Kannegiesser as usual will attend Expo Detergo International in Milan, scheduled from 3 to 6 October 2014.
Herbert Kannegiesser will showcase its products within a 480 m2 stand in pavilion 2. The vast majority of machines will be in operating condition and ready for live demos of their processing performance.
We look forward to welcoming you to our stand and present our work philosophy: “Laundry Ecotechnology”, which is the culmination of low-energy consumption technology.
The cross-sectorial concept of high performance and energy efficiency provides a new dimension for assessing the value of both suppliers and production systems.
powerdry_012Moreover, workplace safety and work station ergonomics are key requirements for facing a change in direction that will inevitably and irreversibly affect all businesses in the textile rental and laundry sector.
For these very reasons we at Kannegiesser offer solutions that integrate productivity, energy efficiency, ergonomics and safety in all core areas of laundry operations.
Logistics: the materials production process flow is extremely important. For any type of business, cash flow is just as important as “the value of production”. In a laundry environment, systems which theoretically perform well may be hindered by Logistics. Spaces, heights, manual handling, lot size and data flow are influencing factors that must be carefully analyzed. Kannegiesser provides systems for sorting, counting and handling of bagged laundry with conveyors and pneumatic equipment capable of satisfying any need. Flow traceability (customer code, item code, weight) is ensured at every step of the production process. Material flows can be managed and directed based on F.I.F.O. logic, or customer retrieval or delivery schedule.
Washing: the new generation continuous batch washers offer a significant and often underestimated technological advance. These machines, sometimes simply called “tunnels” are in fact an important resource for our sector.Pros_Ergomat_Auto_abb_41
Over the last few years, a great deal of progress has been made in terms of saving energy (materials, insulation, steam injectors), water and detergents. The focus of the global industry shifted to providing products that are increasingly competitive from a production capacity standpoint but most of all in terms of low energy consumption and environmental impact.
Linen is the greatest investment of the modern textiles laundry and rental industry. Every year hundreds of thousands of Euro are invested to purchase new linen to rent to new customers, replenish stock and replace those that unfortunately have been lost.
This complex process of replenishment and new orders is or may be influenced by the following washing parameters:
• Mechanical action
• Chemical action
• Temperature
• Cycle times

Although each of these four variables can be addressed and adjusted, in order to reduce operating costs it is just as important to have tunnel washers like ours, which treat linen gently while providing the mechanical action required to minimize operating costs.
Speedline_003The inner drum of a Kannegiesser batch washer was designed and built to take care of the laundry and textile rental industry most precious “asset”: linens. Their so-called “Carewash perforation” feature ensures excellent cleaning quality and considerably increases the lifespan of textiles.
The pattern and deep-drawn shape of the holes on the inner walls of the drum create a smooth and gentle cradle for the textiles being washed. Reducing friction also effectively minimizes thread loss and therefore the amount of lint to be removed by the new generation filter.
The washing chambers of modern laundry systems such as Kannegiesser PowerTrans Plus are also insulated along the vertical partition of the drum to prevent costly heat loss.
High extraction capacity “Power Press” ironing presses, and PowerDry ECO2Power dryers raise the bar for energy savings and textile care standards to unprecendented heights.
Ironing: among the goals of the modern textiles rental industry is the ability to produce “piles” of perfectly clean, ironed and folded laundry. This process must be as automated as possible and minimize manual handling.
For manual handling operations that cannot be avoided, ergonomics and safety must be ensured. A constant flow of linens and choosing the right technological solutions are key factors for boosting system productivity.
Modern laundry sorting systems such as CSP and PickUp can effectively improve working conditions besides ensuring that the feeding stations are suitably supplied with laundry. The GZ-AV Ergomat feeding systems have represented and will represent for many years to come a sure bet in terms of productivity, quality and ergonomics. The ability to ensure flow continuity (even on a per-customer basis) coupled with the advantage of pre-spreading in the feeding phase and the automatic sorting of linens by size (single, queen, king) result in productivity rates without which it would be impossible to make a profit in the hotel laundry service field. In addition to remote control systems there are also universal feeding systems such as the Synchro model with 3 and 4 feeding stations which, thanks to their speed and precision, demonstrate that the limiting factor is not the machine.

From right to left: Martin Kannegiesser (President and CEO of Herbert Kannegiesser GmbH) and Alessandro Rolli (Managing Director of Kannegiesser Italia S.r.l.)
From right to left: Martin Kannegiesser (President and CEO of Herbert Kannegiesser GmbH) and Alessandro Rolli (Managing Director of Kannegiesser Italia S.r.l.)

There are also HPM steam and gas powered mangles, SFM universal bed and table linens folding machines, KFS machines for folding small textiles and runners, as well “Ventura” laundry pile transport systems with automatic bagging and labelling.
Terry cloth: terry cloth production volumes are generally rising across our territory, where the percentage processed by an industrial laundry can be as much as 45% of its overall output in kg. Processing “terry cloth” for the most part requires: the best possible water extraction capacity and per-piece processing speed.
Greater water extraction is possible during the pressing and drying stages. The amount of energy consumed and the structural impact the process has on fibers defines the company’s competitiveness. The first stage is certainly less costly. Kannegiesser’s PowerPress can be easily programmed for each step in the ironing process, has a micro-perforated pile transfer conveyor belt (no ram) and is available in the Standard 40 bar and Turbo 56 bar versions.
The drying phase is important because terry cloth must be dried as quickly as possible to minimize the cost of the process and its impact on fibers. Driers in our PowerDry ECO2Power series satisfy all three of these requisites.
The second which is the terry cloth folding stage, requires machines capable of quickly separating the batch by article type without affecting the hourly production rate. All of this is possible thanks to our new terry XFM Speed Line terry cloth folding machine, the fastest one on the market.
Kannegiesser will demonstrate all of this “live” at the expo, where our team of professionals eagerly awaits to share it with you.
Constant dialogue between users and suppliers of technology will define future standards.




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