SUCCESSFUL COMPANIES — Kannegiesser continuous batch washer Power Trans SBR with Standing Bath Rinsing


Today a laundry is confronted with challenges resulting from:

  • social developments of globalization
  • individualization of the customers
  • demographic changes
  • increasing variety of fabrics
  • repeatability of the washing results independently of the batch size
  • reduction of energy and media consumption
  • loading sequences

ka 1 09 INTERNET 2015-001The PowerTrans batch washer in the SBR version with standing bath rinsing constitutes an important turning point in the washing processes.

The Power Trans SBR guarantees the same flexibility as independent washer extractors, but with a higher productivity, taking into account that compared to a conventional continuous batch washer an incompatible batch mix (for example different colors, different soil levels etc.) does not consequently lead to empty compartments and loss of performance.

ka 3 09 INTERNET 2015-001The advantages of the PowerTrans SBR can be summed up in the following 5 points:

  • The typical working flexibility of washer extractors combined with the high productivity and energy savings of modern continuous batch washers
  • Standing bath rinsing means that empty compartments can drastically be reduced or are completely needless even with an incompatible linen mixaltre 3 09 INTERNET 2015-001
  • Standing bath rinsing means complete control of the dosing of chemicals in every compartment of the batch washer, better dilution ratio (rinse capacity) and consistent wash and rinse results, reproducible and independent from batch size.
  • The batch washer compartments are hermetically divided from each other. This clear separation can only be achieved with straight drum walls (no Archimedean screw)
  • The customer defines the loading sequence of the batches and not the machine

K7_Isolamento pareti tamburo internoThe PowerTrans series furthermore includes:

  • The maximum usage of machine volume thanks to the new design with space reduction between inner and outer drum (increase of the inner drum volume)
  • Carewash inner drum perforation for the most gentle treatment of your primary asset


  • Large wall-to-wall ribs
  • Innovative filter system and standard filtration with 100 micron
  • Hermetically sealed recovery tanks
  • Completely insulated drum panels (between the compartments) on request
  • Control system and programming with touch screen control panel

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