SUCCESSFUL COMPANIES Imesa’s mop washer wins over the Cleaning market


The Treviso-headquartered brand is winning over the cleaning industry with its LM MOP washer, indispensable for floor care

New synergies, new commercial routes, new application sectors. This is no longer the “future” of the laundry supply chain, but is present, with only brilliant perspectives, as demonstrated by the on-going story of Imesa. The company, based in Treviso, has long held a position of absolute leadership in terms of new markets, including that of “Cleaning”, which Imesa has been involved with for quite some time also thanks to LM MOP, the machine which is the focus of our interview with Carlo Miotto, its sales manager.

_MG_8716– Mr. Miotto, how did such great synergies develop between IMESA and the “Cleaning” sector?
“The collaboration between IMESA and the Cleaning sector started a few years ago based on the extremely favorable growth trends of this specific sector.  A  sector we continue to heavily invest in, not only by participating in trade fairs such as “Pulire” in Verona, but above all by developing machines designed to fulfill the needs expressed by the foremost professional cleaning operators”.

– So this is where the story of LM MOP comes in
“Indeed. The LM MOP washer resulted from this collaboration. This machine can perform all functions of a standard washer as well as clean floor MOPs”.

– So what does the LM MOP look like?
“The washer has an upper front panel and side panels made of AISI type 304 stainless steel, which is notoriously synonymous with strength and high quality. Like all IMESA washers, its standard equipment also includes an IM8 computer with color touch screen control panel that allows the operator to use custom wash programs created by a cleaning technician based on the operator’s specific needs. The machine has 18 factory pre-programmed and fully customizable wash cycles, plus 200 freely programmable cycles”.

Fotolia_62459886_M– An excellent calling card. That being said, what else does the LM MOP come with?
“A USB port installed on the front side of the machine to quickly update the software as well as upload and download programs. This also serves to back-up and restore the programs at any given time, transfer them from one machine to another or to a PC, where they can be changed as needed by a cleaning technician and then reloaded on the machine. The USB port also allows the operator to download and save the washer cycle execution reports”.

– And how is the key issue of remote assistance addressed?
“In the most efficient manner possible. The washer is in fact equipped with a GMS module and a SIM data card that allow it to communicate with the nearest service center in case the program fails to run properly. Moreover, it allows the service center to query the machine and perform remote failure diagnostics. This also saves time, as it ensures that service maintenance technicians bring to the laundry all repair parts required to quickly put the machine back in working order”.

LM 14 - LM 18 - LM 23– Any other advantages?
“The GSM system lets the operator know when the machine is running low on detergent, if the machine is equipped with peristaltic pumps”.

– Which design elements ensure the on-going functionality of the LM MOP?
“Our washers are equipped with an exclusive Power Balancing System (PBS) that ensures top performance even under the most difficult centrifugal load conditions, such as those of MOP loads. They are also equipped with a fully ergonomic motor-driven closure system that significantly reduces the amount of force required to close the door, which thanks to it only needs to be placed near the latch. Once the wash program starts, the IM8 computer automatically closes the door and locks it for the duration of the wash program”.

– Now let’s talk about detergent use related functions.
“The MOP washer is equipped with an elevated base that houses an aluminum tank containing water and floor cleaning detergent. Proper formulation is ensured by an accurate dosing system that mixes water from the local mains with detergent peristaltically pumped from the related tank”.

4755– What role does the detergent technician fulfill in this context?
“The proper water/detergent dosage is set by the technician and adjusted to ensure the MOPs soaked in enough solution to cover the desired number of square meters of flooring. The tank is equipped with an agitator that keeps the solution from separating. Moreover, once the right detergent/water dosage has been set, the system ensures the tank never runs out of solution by way of two level sensors, which trigger the system to refill the tank with water and detergent back up to the pre-set level”.

– How does the machine handle MOP loads?
“The operator places the MOP in the machine and starts the programmed cycle as usual. At the end of the process, if necessary, he starts an additional cycle to soak the MOPs. A pump delivers enough solution from the tank to fill the drum, and after the MOPs soak for the required amount of time the machine runs a quick spin cycle until just the right amount of solution is left in the MOPs. Any unused solution is discharged back into the tank and reused in the group of cleaning productsnext pre-soaking cycle”.

– So it is also designed to save costs?
“Yes, absolutely, and not only in terms of recovering unused solution. Machines equipped with peristaltic pumps precisely measure the detergent, and effectively yield better cleaning quality by eliminating all inconsistencies tied to manual dosage. Another thing to remember is that by equipping the washer with a load-sensing system, the amount of water or detergent used for the cycle can automatically be adjusted by the machine itself”.

An attractive man and woman holding cleaning supplies– Meaning?
“IMESA offers an extremely accurate cell-based load weighing system that basically allows washers to function as a scale: as articles are placed into the drum, the total load weight is displayed on the IM8 screen. Once the cycle starts, the machine loads water and detergent as required according to the actual load instead of the nominal load. This saves water, detergent and most of all ensures the best results”.


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