SUCCESSFUL COMPANIES — Imesa, touch screen leads to intelligent dryers


After the washing machines, here come the tumble dryers of the new IM 10 line that take on the simple and functional cell phone technology. Consequently, a new connection between a manufacturer and a laundry starts from the machine installation by an IMESA technician who follows buyers’ needs and adapts the machine accordingly, with results in energy saving. In June, Texcare in sight, IMESA will complete its colour touch screen machine chain and present flatwork ironers anim10 bisd drying ironers
The first comment on the new and revolutionary IMESA Tumble Dryers provided with “flaming” color touch screen IM 10: “When you access the highest threshold of competitiveness of any kind, the outstanding fact is that the competition ground is characterized by a non-stop action, without breaks where you follow the events while catching the maximum level of attention”.
touch_2If Carlo Miotto, a commercial manager of IMESA, an Italian leading manufacturing company of machines and complete systems for laundries with its headquarters in Cessalto, Treviso, claims the above, it means that the first question could immediately be about “High Competition”.
– Miotto, talking about the market current news, what does it mean for IMESA?
“That in June we are going to land on the big stage of Texcare 2016, the great exhibition in Frankfurt, as main characters, and we are going to present the application of the touch screen technology to the entire chain of laundry machines. IM 8 color touch screen has been used in Imesa’s washing machines for years, and in March 2016 a new tumble dryer provided with colour touch screen IM 10 was launched on the market. To complete the party, flatwork ironers and drying ironers provided with similar keypad will be ready by this spring”.
lato sx piccolo– Technology has clearly changed due to cell phones. What are the effects of it?
“That in all the processes found in a laundry, IMESA guarantees a global and expert change based on a universal language starting from the installation”.
– In what way?
“It is not about a standard procedure of setting up a machine any more, nor about the usual and quite mechanical delivery and a bill to sign. Instead, it is about a real relation between a technician and a user. An IMESA installer together with the users and owners of a laundry will work on the touch screen resources together in order to adapt the purchased machine to the requested features, time and ways of production required. All this is done in a very simple but rigorous way”.
frontale grande– Where does the simplicity come from?
“From the everyday language that, after the arrival of last generation cell phones, became a part of our everyday habits. Using it, a laundry operator will see the photo of uploaded linen on the keypad together with the washing cycle requested time after time at the same speed they see a name on their cell phone display. All this through hands that digit commands and brain that supervises. The latter, the brain, is particularly important to IMESA”.
– How come?
“Because through the touch screen, a company can propose not only a series of machines but a system able to connect them as if they were all guided by one, flexible and interactive brain”.
im10– How does it work in detail in case of the new IM 10 tumble dryer provided with a touch screen?  
“Some fundamental news are clear at first sight. Both the dual-timer and programmed microprocessor have disappeared completely. They will be replaced by IM 10 colour touch screen, an authentic interface between the brain of an operator and the one of the machine.
frontale piccolo– What does this news mean?
“A practically infinite number of programs in many foreign languages, a personalized screen saver and many other improvements”.
– And looking at flatwork ironers and drying ironers, what will the touch screen bring about?
“Whatever machine we are talking about – Carlo Miotto notices – there is just one IMESA’ rule: position yourself at a high quality level and make the most of the excellent price-performance ratio. This is IMESA’s willingness and the company policy due to which we have been successful. This is our goal that gets transformed into work and productivity by our staff every day”.
lato dx piccolo– What do you think the consequences will be?
“There is just one that includes them all. It refers to our clients who will be amazed by all these enormous improvements in IMESA machines performance and optimization, calibrated not by chance to achieve excellence also in energy saving”.
by Stefano Ferrio


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