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SUCCESSFUL COMPANIES — Imesa, a-four-E poker conquers every market

imesabianco-okEnergy, ergonomics, ecology, easy use: thanks to these four aces the brand from Veneto province has placed itself in both the new and traditional global laundry business. Simplifying the use of machines through the application of touch screen technology used in mobile phones reveals to be the successful strategy of universal marketing. We are discussing it in the interview with Carlo Miotto, a Commercial Director

1-parte-esA key to understand how Imesa places itself in the global market of laundry machines and services, and what it implies can rely, among other things, on the place where the factory is actually based: Italy, north-east to Cessalto, a town in Treviso province, very close to Venice, just half an hour by car. As if to remind us, through the adjacency to what used to be the Serenissima Republic of Venice, well-known for its commercial leadership extended as far as the Eastern seas, that Imesa has always been historically facing the continuously changing global market.
It is also the best “point” to start the interview with the Commercial Director of Imesa, Carlo Miotto.

  • Miotto, what does representing Made in Italy North-East model mean in 2016 for Imesa brand?

“Having a sort of immediate and infinite vocation for the New”.

  • More precisely?

“New technology and new markets, obviously.  If I am in the possession of something unreleased before, apart from triggering the interest, through Imesa guarantees, of those working with consolidated businesses, I will also have let me say, a natural impact on the emerging new subjects who search for solid and durable contacts”.

  • What draws them to Imesa?

2-parte-interno-3“Nothing more or less than the four “Es” rightly spread as the common global language at the latest Texcare in Frankfurt. The same “E” has represented the image of Imesa for years now: energy, ergonomics, ecology and the efficiency that we like to call easy use in English”.

  • Analysing the winning poker of “Es”, let us start from the easy use. What is its weight in the market today?

“It is primary. We have naturally understood that as, coherently with our mission, we have been selling complete laundry equipment for more than 50 years now. Obviously, if a client makes such an important purchase buying a washing machine, a tumble drier, flatwork and drying ironers, they do so only if given certain guarantee”.

  • What does it consist of?

1parte-tandem-copy“Of realizing that we speak the same technical language of the seller. If a hotel owner in Kenya or a nursery home in Singapore, just to refer to the developing markets, need laundry equipment and they come across Imesa touch screen, we immediately get off to a good start, I daresay”.

  • Right, it is the same touch screen used in smartphones all over the world.

“Which means simplicity, flexibility, empathy and cognition of a machine that is so easy and universal in its approach that theoretically, it can also be used by a child. Even if we talk about either 8 or 120 kg machines, Imesa technology and components do not change a bit anyhow.  Therefore, I can surely say that the famous good beginning makes a good ending”.

  • After that?

“A dialogue starts. Imesa’s role is to easily demonstrate all the convenience of the offer. Therefore, the second “E” comes up, the one that stands for ecology.  Talking about components, the major number of Imesa’s machine parts weigh less than 5 kg that is why they are easily recyclable. The lightness is fundamental: why would I ever want to use a 25 kilowatt power regulator in a tumble drier that works only for three hours a day so, it needs less power?”.

  • Which demonstrates the best principles of ergonomics. Namely, optimizing work processes in terms of saving and productive performance.

“Exactly. And once we got there, just to close the magic circle of the four “Es”, the client will definitely understand how convenient it is going to be for them to invest in energy saving by an Imesa machine designed to guarantee less consumption in a very short time, i.e. by insulation materials that keep the heat without dispersing it”.

  • At this point, the deal is made, we can say.

“We can also add that actually Imesa does not impose any time limit or waste”.

  • How come?

“As far as our assistance guarantee goes. The instructions are in sixteen languages therefore, there is no need to go through useless paper manuals. We guarantee remote assistance through Gsm”.
This is how the “Venetians” of the third millennium “navigate” big time.

IMESA: We make the difference also in self-service

2-parte-vetrinaA self-service laundry is actually well-consolidated in a modern society. A complete, fast, convenient and professional service that attracts and satisfies the growing number of clients.

Imesa has always produced washing machines and driers designed for self-service laundries. They are solid machines whose highest levels of washing and drying performance combine with short timing.

Self-services equipped with Imesa machines have precise characteristics:

  • Functionality: laundries are easily accessible, designed for clients to be able to move comfortably in a well-serviced commercial context.
  • Cleaning: the rooms are well cleaned and neat, in line with the company standard and style.
  • Safety: daily protection of the stores together with video monitoring systems guarantee calm and safety.
  • Complete service: Imesa self-service laundries offer a complete service of washing, drying, ironing and light tailoring.

2-parte-interno-4Who chooses a self-service laundry will basically carry out operations they cannot manage at home: laundry volumes exceeding the capacity of a normal domestic washing machine, the necessity to dry linen quickly in case they might be lacking the room for the linen to dry at home, unsatisfying performance of a domestic washing machine in case of certain types of garments, etc.

Entrepreneurs who choose to open a self-service laundry, need to be able to offer the best service at a balanced cost. Energy, water, detergents and maintenance are the main expenses directly linked to machines functioning. These costs are to be monitored constantly as they obviously affect the balance sheet of the business.

2-parte-interno-3The objective of Imesa while designing and making the machines is to meet the needs of both final users’ and business owners’.

From this perspective therefore, let us go through the main characteristics of Imesa machines again:

ENERGY SAVING = efficiency and reduced energy consumption

EASY USE = simple, intuitive, easy and multilingual touch screen

ERGONOMICS = technological innovations, practical solutions of space

ECOLOGY= environmentally friendly, waste reduction

Over the last years, Imesa has focused on innovative formulas of commerce such as rent and free loan for use. The real news is “selling” the service: the machines are still Imesa’s property and the client pays for the effective use of the machines (Pay per Use).

The management of this process has been made easier by the EXCLUSIVE presence of GSM system in all the machines. The remote control offers numerous advantages: it allows not only to intervene in time but also to count the washing cycles carried out and monitor the consumption of detergents.  This strategic information will be provided to detergents sellers, who will be informed by the very machine that the time for the new supply has come.



by Stefano Ferrio

Detergo Magazine

September 2016

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