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The DIM Company – Detergenti Industriali Milano – deals with the production of professional, high concentrated detergents intended for the cleaning of fabrics and of every type of working clothes. The “DIM System” consists in the excellent combination of three factors: detergent products studied for different uses, specific installations of dosing and of washing control and a high standard of after-sale assistance. This is the tested formula that guarantees the high care for fabrics for all Customers, fully respecting the environment.
Thanks to its high quality products, to its use of van technologies and its professional distributors, to its dealers and to its experts on the after-sale assistance operating in a wide range throughout the peninsula, the company has grown more and more, therefore becoming a leader in the industrial laundry field in Italy.
Therefore, the system offered by DIM to the customer, will include:
– a vast range of professional cleaning products: liquid surface active agents, liquid eco-friendly cleansers, eco-friendly and additive powder cleansers;
– specific and advanced plants designed to guarantee the precise measuring control and the optimization of products cleaning power;
– a post-sale customer service offered free to support and to guide the Customer to the correct products and plants use.

Owner Carlo Pasqualino explains how the company from Milan was able to rise to an alternative leadership position that rivals multinational giants in the sector: “On any given day our industrial laundry clients can count on us to help them solve any problem and provide wide ranging advice regarding costs, dosages or new types of stains”. It was an ascent based on the success of both surfactants and enzymes-based products.
foto3“I fall asleep thinking about a problem and wake up with a solution”.
It sounds like a fairy tale, even more enthralling within the context of industrial laundry detergents, made in labs filled with tinctures and scents that evoke a mythical alchemist’s shop.
“I fall asleep thinking about a problem and wake up with a solution”. When the person telling it is an entrepreneur and not an alchemist, this story truly blows your mind: the land of dreams shapes reality.
“I am always fully immersed in my work” explains the entrepreneur in question, namely Carlo Pasqualino, from Milan, 45 years of age and owner of D.I.M., a leading manufacturer of industrial laundry detergents headquartered 15 km outside of the center of Milan. “So much so – Pasqualino continues – that I had to learn how to behave for my own good and that of my company when the time comes to lay down after a long and busy day”.
foto1“Therefore – he immediately explains – I consider the problems I need to face, choose the most urgent and important one, turn the light off and analyze all of its aspects under the notoriously needed minimum state of relaxation. One time the question may regard a chemical agent, the next time it may concern marketing, and yet another time it may be how to best satisfy a certain client. No matter what the problem is, I know that eight hours later I will open my eyes and have a solution or at least feel I am on the right path to resolve the problem”.
3This “productive sleep” is the key parable to understanding how much and most of all “how” D.I.M works. This constant, complete focus is what allows it to be prompt, adaptable, and inventive and provide comprehensive assistance. This means all the best practices by which D.I.M. has always conducted its daily operations and pursuant to the original “concept” by which its owner launched it in 2002. “I think it was inevitable for me to come up with the idea – explains Pasqualino – considering that for twelve years I followed in my father’s footsteps as a detergents sales-representative. After one million and two hundred thousand miles worth of driving from one client to the next, with full confidence in my background I decided it was time to take a big chance and start a company like D.I.M.” Twelve years later, anyone can see that my taking that chance led to the undisputed Italian leadership position D.I.M. was able to achieve and consolidate to ride on the heels of foto4multinational giants in the sector.
“In fact – continues Pasqualino – we were able to establish ourselves as a trustworthy Made in Italy alternative to international brands due to a business philosophy by which the customer always comes first and all aspects of the business revolve around the customer.”
Pasqualino then provides further details on the organizational structure of D.I.M: “There is twenty of us overall, two-thirds of which are outside sales people who work side by side with customers who are, to use an appropriate verb, “cared for” by D.I.M. This means being present and behaving in a manner that makes the customer always feel protected and safe in regards to detergents. The fact that many large Italian industrial laundries rely on us proves that this philosophy works. In practice this means that whenever one of these companies has a problem they can contact us, true and proper consultants culturally and psychologically prepared to work side by side with the client, not mere representatives”.
1This fundamental difference from the more impressive but rather impersonal international competitors is what D.I.M. banked on and what allowed it to consolidate its national leadership with more than €3 millions in annual invoiced sales. A dominating position that can be explained simply by considering its wide range of products that features both surfactants and enzymes-based liquid detergents.
The first are perfect to remove any type of stain regardless of hardness, from any type of fabric thanks to their dispersive and emulsifying action (even at low temperatures).
The second, “ecological” detergents are fully biodegradable and therefore designed to eliminate any type of soil from all possible types of fabric in full respect of the surrounding environment.
2Customers may also order special detergents specifically formulated according to their production needs and suitable for use in D.I.M. laundry systems, which are known for their adaptability, accuracy and simplicity of operation.
These are the “commandments” of a D.I.M. system that thanks to its specific characteristics constantly monitors the products and their utilization, which translate into: the constant analysis of laundry conditions, fabric samples testing as needed, specific program planning, maximum cost savings, periodic consultancy services guaranteed to be provided at least once a week for an entire month following the installation of a D.I.M. system.
IMG_030“This – concludes Carlo Pasqualino – is the only thing that allowed us to thrive during the years of crisis: working side by side with customers who are now ready to join us and ride the updraft of economic recovery we all faithfully hope for and richly deserve in view of our sacrifices”.


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