SUCCESS STORIES – “Mission” accomplished – Napolillo


Napolillo, “a good outcome is the product of professionalism, planning, perseverance, orchestration and teamwork” The vast, new facility of Napolillo, illustrious industrial laundry in Rome, was custom-crafted to reflect a business model based on work ethics, respect for the client, a well-established work pace, and an unmistakable, timeless look. Napolillo’s recently-restructured plant (more than 5,000 sq meters of working area) is designed to accommodate a huge volume of workflow and enhance the superior quality of its brand. It means “guaranteed clean” to restaurants, hotels, resorts and spas that need to replace soiled linens with an equal number of perfectly clean ones. It is all a matter of “orchestration”, as we shall see. In everyday life, moving a household is fraught with meaning. Not only the stress and labor involved, but also in terms of balancing spontaneous decisions and weighing them against the objectives to be achieved. This rule holds true for companies, too, because they are made up, first and foremost, of men and women, then machines, products and services. Napolillo Industry can attest to this — with 70 years of history, it stands out as one of the most successful and multifunctional industrial laundries in Italy. Last January Napolillo moved its plant out of central Rome to the industrial zone of Fiano Romano, while keeping its administrative headquarters for the entire Group in the city. A decision that turned out to be masterful, for several reasons. Two in particular tend to sum them up. One is the extremely convenient location of the new plant, located just 15 km from the beltline that allows for speedy access to and from a company whose business partners are spread far and wide across the entire city. The other is a size that is consistent with the Napolillo brand, prized for its emphasis on the superior value of its product, which relies on an organization that is conscientious, extensive, and designed to keep pace with the changing demands of a steadily developing market. Then again, all you have to do is visit the Napolillo website, and on the home page you will run into a word not often found in communications from Italian businesses, large or small: “estimates”. Click on it and a simple form appears where anyone can indicate their needs and quickly receive an estimate they can use to decide whether or not to avail themselves of the company’s services. This is the first hint of a philosophy, founded on transparency, that an enlightened businessman like Michele Napolillo has been able to instill at his company. The results are clear to all. “In a workday – explains Napolillo, Sole Director of Napolillo Industry, “on average we move about 25 tons of goods, working closely with our highly-qualified customers — clients to whom we supply clean linens at the same time we pick up the items to be cleaned. We are talking about 4- and 5-star hotels with as many as 500 rooms, whose laundry is managed through innovative, cutting-edge systems that guarantee work cycles among the highest in the industry, through the use of top-of-the-line machines that are constantly maintained in-house and through maintenance contracts with the manufacturers themselves. For example, we are talking about brands like Milnor, Senking, Jensen, Pizzardi, and Montanari”. “Clearly, with numbers like these” continues Napolillo, “one of the primary factors is the facility. It needs to be big, functional and take its design cues from the most advanced criteria in logistics. I’m referring to standards that allow our company to service some of the leading 4- and 5-star hotels in Italy’s capital city, where the high number of rooms is a reflection of the utmost quality of service demanded, with high quality standards and strictly-orchestrated systems that make it possible to offer on-time delivery of guaranteed goods. This translates to also providing accurate upstream monitoring of the customers’ needs, avoiding the added burden of costs for their own staff to do this”. It stands to reason that a perfectly organized warehouse would be totally useless if there weren’t a precise, timely and qualitative imprinting on the distribution of goods and services linked to it. “We are talking about vehicles that are able to move huge amounts of clean linens,” specifies Napolillo, “with the obligation to maintain the same high standards of order and punctuality in all the successive phases of work, from delivery times right up to customer care, including warehousing and verification of stock on hand, for perfect, consistent execution of our customers’ core business in a kind of “operational synergy” that embodies the spirit with which I got into this business”. This means maintaining the highest standards, both in terms of staff and production processes able to operate at maximum levels. In concrete terms, Napolillo Industry bases its superiority on extremely cutting-edge automated systems, like conveyor systems that reduce the need for hands-on labor to a single manual transfer of linens. Consequently, the company’s employees are on the front lines as irreplaceable purveyors of such high quality. This implies absolute punctuality, perfect logistic management of loads and transport of goods, as well as impeccable appearance in their uniforms. “We call it perpetual modernity — an attitude toward interpretation of the times, being able to adapt to change” states Napolillo, referring to a reliability that also includes customized treatment of special items, like down comforters, and silk and linen fabrics. And more. At Napolillo Industry they are aware that in today’s world you cannot talk about modernity without also being invested in offering customized products, designed to meet the needs of each individual customer. With regard to linens, customers can choose from a range of fabrics (from cotton to pure linen or extra-fine percale), as well as custom choices of colors, decorative elements, logo, weight and size. The same kind of personalization holds true for delivery schedules and frequency of service. More than half a century of history has taught Napolillo Industry the value of projecting itself into the Future of Laundering.