SUCCESS STORIES Clean Italia, a team to launch the “New Fuel”


ILSA, MANARA, MIELE, MEDIA IMPIANTI and VEIT: a partnership to market machinery and products and to disseminate the “non-consumption” philosophy indispensable for cost-effective manufacturing

foto di primacopertina_esecutivoThe “New Fuel”?
Because of the fact that finding the “New Fuel ” in this world frantically searching for new energy and philosophical solutions is akin to the quest for the Holy Grail, a Round Table of textile care companies was formed, each of with its own “sword”, in other words a talent to deploy for the fantastic exploit.
All this makes perfect sense when the objective is the development of a New Fuel in the broadest sense of the term, mainly as a propellant for both physical and cultural mobility. The fuel that will revolutionize the life and habits of both laundries and billions of inhabitants of the planet Earth.
The answer to this is a two letter acronym: NC.
Many laundries have decided to invest in this acronym, NC, that stands for “Non-Consumption”. And one of its most successful and promising stories unfolds in the dry-cleaning world.
The title of the story: “Clean Italia”. The story goes like this and is by now a blockbuster movie inspired by a happy ending that is continuously evolving, fueled by must-have principles such as clean energy, environmental health and consumption monitoring.
There is nothing better than a pinch of philosophy to introduce the story. The story has it that the beauty of life lies in finding enlightening solutions not only in the books of wisdom but also in the daily manifestations of human ingenuity, in other words team working, development projects, the growth of a type of economy that serves the interests of the community and not only of single individuals.
2Documento2And this is the story entitled “Clean Italia”. Its name is particularly intriguing because it naturally combines the English term “clean” with the sweet name of our country. This inevitably suggests the existence of a “Clean Italy”, that is to say, a transparent Italy hidden beneath its apparent ungovernability and its entrenched malpractices.
The proof that this country really exists lies in the answer to a very specific question: “Can a dry cleaner generate global wealth, in other words profits for his shop combined with a service for its users as well as for the surrounding environment?”. The answer is “yes”, thanks to the project by Clean Italia, a partnership of five companies, each with a unique history and identity and because of this uniquely positioned to deliver positive values that grow synergistically and exponentially. The following are the five companies in alphabetical order:
3333Immagine Redazionale [modalità compatibilità]0001Ilsa, that has been designing and manufacturing environmental friendly dry-cleaning systems since 1978 to meet virtually any needs.
Manara, that has been designing and manufacturing gas generators since 1997, backed up by its 30 years’ experience in the laundry sector.
Miele, that has been producing and distributing reliable and top-performing laundry machinery, assembled in 12 sites all over the world.
Media Impianti, specializing in the startup of laundries, fulling, finishing and wet cleaning systems.
Veit, that for over 50 years has been producing a complete range of ironing machinery, with an ongoing focus on innovative and energy saving solutions.
The made-in-Italy dry-cleaning solutions by Ilsa, the exquisite tailor-made products by Manara, the globally acclaimed Miele brand, the effective orchestration by Media Impianti, the top of the line ironing systems by Veit. It is only logical that the combination of these talents has given rise to a top-performing team, complete and fully equipped to measure up to any challenges in the global market.
2222Documento20001It is clear that in this case the proverb “united we stand” also implies “united we make a difference”. More than a slogan, this is a declaration of principle focused on the global, noninvasive, environmental friendly and adjustable “New Fuel” supported by Clean Italia with its operations ranging from specialized consultancy to the development of successful activities and high-caliber training workshops.
All this has translated into the development of a “New Fuel” designed for those Italian laundries that form the backbone of a healthy and historically recognizable industrial system that is strongly projected into the future.
The road ahead is clear and paved with a number of successful initiatives, such as the Green Power Energy Workshops organized by Clean Italia all over Italy for the laundry professionals partaking in the quest of the New Fuel that may provide energy savings ranging between 20 and 30%.
The road ahead is so clear that after disseminating the message in 2013, next year Clean Italia will start cooperating synergistically with the first companies attracted by such a forward-looking project.
This will make the New Fuel even more real and useful for the community.


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