Six Laundry Management: software solution for industrial laundries


The role of industrial laundries in linen handling is without doubts critical and complex but it turns out to be even more strategic if we think about the recent global health emergency. In order to protect people’s health, it is crucial for textile treatment and washing processes to be carried out in a safe and efficient way.

The work experience gained over more than three decades of business activity focused on the development of advanced and functional IT solutions for many industrial and production sectors, allowed ICT-GROUP  to develop a complete suite to manage the industrial laundry processes at best.

We are talking about SIXLM, Laundry Management System, a last generation system offering an accurate and a total control of the activities. Moreover, it guarantees a high level of productivity while reducing the margin of error to the minimum.

The system can be applied to the hotel sector as well as to the restaurant linen handling and workwear, yet, it performance is best appreciated by the health care sector where the applied quality standards are stricter.


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Thanks to its modular architecture, SIXLM allows to satisfy operative requirements of any type of a laundry because it meets users’ requests: different operative areas are managed by dedicated modules that can be activated when needed. Also, they easily adapt to any regulatory changes and to the natural growth of the business.

Nothing is left to chance: thanks to SIXLM, it is possible to control, during every stage of a process, the state and the record of the treated textiles due to an advanced tracking system with the use of RFID UHF technology. From the warehouse management, stock and withdrawal to all the stages of soiled/clean linen cycle: a simple and intuitive interface allows to fully supervise the service by identifying possible irregularities fast. It also guarantees an efficacious control of the entire service.

What is more, SIXLM can interface with almost any device, equipment or application already in use by a laundry. As it is web native, it integrates perfectly well with the production plants while improving their performance and productivity.

Whether it is flatwork linen, ready-made packaged linen or guest linen, the treatment and washing processes are carried out smoothly and without obstacles thanks to SIXLM: better control, more efficiency and higher safety for the strategic sector that reflects everybody’s wellbeing and health.

What about the sterilization of surgical instruments and reusable technical fabrics? ICT-GROUP has created SIXSTER, a software suite dedicated to the optimization of processes in the sterilization centers.

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