REPORTAGE — Industrial laundries, a billion-euro market Here is what it announces for EXPOdetergo International


According to the research by Politecnico di Milano university, the Italian business sector alone is worth 1.1 billion euro.
Encouraged by the figures, the supplying companies are going to participate in the upcoming show displaying competitive machines and products that guarantee easy maintenance, constant management of processes and automated work cycles


Strong, competitive and constantly developing industrial and dry-cleaning laundries are soon going to share the spotlight of EXPOdetergo International 2018
scheduled for 19 – 22 October at Fiera di Milano-Rho.
According to the report presented at the end of 2017 by the Industrial Engineering Department of Politecnico di Milano university, there are about 800 businesses
in Italy alone. They are divided into two sectors: the health-assistance sector with 630 million euros turnover per year, and the tourist-hospitality sector with its
500 million euros turnover per year.
The national market of the sector talks about 1.1 billion euros turnover per year. The sector trend that, having resisted the economic crisis started in 2008, is now fully recovering thanks to strong business relations with clients representing public and private sectors, and to their growing demand for industrial textile maintenance.
The core topics concerning the textile sector, its trends and news are all going to be presented at the very much awaited EXPOdetergo International exhibition
which will reveal important new entries in terms of energy saving, digital management of workloads, environmental compatibility as well as linen sorting, the flow
and distribution of soiled and clean linen. This month’s Detergo reportage gives some precious insight into what we are going to see in Milan in eight months.
“Automation, labour costs reduction and the decrease in energy consumption are the core points for any  industrial laundry” confirms Pony based in Inzago
(Milan), a producer of ironing machines with its President, Paolo Fumagalli. “During EXPOdetergo, PONY is going to present a whole product range destined for laundries. It will include a pneumatic topper with the lateral waist tensioning, model MPT/DL designed for the ironing of all types of pants; shirt finishers, such as models Angel 2.0 for pressed ironing and Eagle 2.0, a blowing shirt finisher, and PONY’s new DB36 model, a highly automated rotary double-buck shirt press that can produce up to 100 shirts per hour”.
“Entrepreneurs and managers from all over the world are going to visit EXPOdetergo in order to meet suppliers of excellent machines. They will look for business
partners and consultants able to guarantee permanent service to industrial laundries” says Luciano Miotto, the CEO of Imesa based in Treviso area, Cessalto,  a producer of washing machines for laundries. “In this regard, – continues Miotto – Imesa has been engaged in a constant evolution of maintenance concept. In Milan, Imesa will present a solution called the Internet of Things: machines that are permanently in contact with companies through the universal technology of a touch screen. The connection, not only with the technical assistance services, will also provide information and data relative to work cycles, detergents in use or productivity standards”. “Work contexts are bigger and clearer – concludes Miotto – which is reflected by the fact that Imesa’s debut products at EXPOdetergo 2018 are going to be our new 27 kg and 32 kg washing machines destined to small hospitality structures”.
The primary needs of clients and the necessary technology to meet them become the topics of interest of Claudio Montanari, the owner of Montanari based
in Modena, a producer of transport systems for industrial laundries. “Let us focus on two most significant stages of a transport system in a laundry:
the entrance of soiled linen and the coming out of  the clean linen – Montanari explains. – Our company  knows how to be extremely competitive and we are
going to start from the key points of a transport system at EXPOdetergo International: the initial sorting, the distribution and final packaging. So, from the one
hand there is the piece count device that immediately qualifies our offer as it fully meets the requests and requirements of who manages enormous quantities of
linen e.g. more than 100 kg. On the other hand, the final movement system that is monitored by software and provides all the necessary information on production,
stock and shipment”. “All this is strictly “just in time” –Montanari concludes – which means that the system is set on time and variables that distinguish the
production of that particular client. All this is possible thanks to Omnibus, a successful system launched by Montanari internationally”.
Continuously growing industrial laundries market finds its echo also in the press release by Battistella, a producer of ironing equipment based in Rossano
Veneto, Vicenza area. “Battistella B.G. S.r.l., owned by Daniele Battistella, started the production of the ironing equipment in 1975 – it reads – and, as far as industrial laundries are concerned, Battistella’s product range that will be exposed at the upcoming show in Milan will include a steam finisher, Pegaso, a perfect solution for quick and complete ironing of workwear,  especially white coats. The finisher can be equipped with a boiler or it can be connected to the source of steam.
“Pegaso – we read – is provided with an electronic card containing ten different programs, vacuum on body former and heated front paddle, automatic stretching
mechanism, pneumatic arms and sleeve clamps”.
Also Kannegiesser, a German producer of industrial laundry machines is going to take part in Expodetergo 2018 presenting numerous new entries in the
fields of washing, ironing and logistics – says Alessandro Rolli, the Managing Director at Kannegiesser Italia. – Our company has always been involved in the study of intelligent and highly performing solutions for industrial laundries. We have also been carrying out research on reliability as a consequence of qualified Kannegiesser’s production plants based in Germany, the UK and America. The exhibition is going to be a great moment of sharing and projecting towards the future
that has never been so close. It will also constitute an important occasion to contribute to the growth of our sector. See you at EXPODETERGO 2018!” •


Detergo Magazine February 2018

by Stefano Ferrio