Covid is redesigning the present and the future of global economy. The producers of chemical products for laundries are not excluded from this process. As the objectives have changed, today’s aim is to combine washing and sanitizing with consumptions reduction, according to what has been recently underlined by numerous businesses. The process is already in progress, but due to the health and economic crisis, it has been accelerated. It is a real necessity of both small and big industrial laundries. So, here comes a new model of doing business. By offering “green” chemistry, the producers are inducing the final clients to decrease their environmental impact. As a matter of fact, the process of raising the awareness has begun. It is clients themselves who encourage the producers of chemical products to carry out research simply because clients always look for washing systems that will guarantee minimum consumptions of energy and water. This undoubtedly translates to the reduction in the running costs and the increase in profits while keeping the workflow stable. Also in this field, the interaction between market demand and supply, if regulated and conducted suitably, can produce an added value: more health. Let us focus on the sector leaders to see what they have to say.

Ruggero Sammarco, Technical and Business Development Supervisor at Christeyns Italia with its headquarters in Pessano con Bornago, in Milan province, explains, “the current year has demonstrated the growing necessity to persevere, monitor and operate pro-actively so that the laundry sector becomes a diligent party in assuring services that will guarantee the sanitization and the control of the contagion. Still, sanitizing means activating best operative practices supported by the right chemical products to guarantee a wide spectrum disinfection of: wet and dry fabrics, surfaces and work desks, means of transport, line operators, feed water systems and process water. Every field listed above, needs to be provided with the right chemical product both to protect the materials and to certify that the disinfection has been carried out. There are disinfectants that can be certified for multiple fields with multiple applications. Even if a product is formally recognized as a medical and surgical device or it is an authorized biocidal product, in order for it to be considered virucidal, it needs to be certified according to regulations EN 14476 or EN 16777 that test the product’s performance on the elimination of specific viral charges. Therefore, it is extremely important that the producers of chemical products focus on supplying adequate and various disinfecting formulations that are certified according to the regulations, so that they can guarantee a wide spectrum disinfection and cover different fields of application.

What is more, it is crucial to inform final users on the correct applications of the available products and on the legislative updates in progress, and advise them on the disinfection plans according to the numerous indications by the Ministry starting from number 5443 issued in February 2020. What results from all this is a strong integration between the BATs (best available techniques) that offer services meeting Covid requirements and the right chemical product at the right time and place. Such policies are not in contrast with the eco-sustainability road taken by few main players of the market as a necessary direction for a sustainable development of the sector. Following this philosophy, Christeyns has developed their range of products:

  • Puresan system with the Ecolabel certification and with a bleaching /hygienizing agent called Puresan Brite (15% peracetic) that integrates with other components of the system (Puresan Ultra, Puresan Power, Puresan Neutra)
  • A variety of Nordic Ecolabel certified products (e.g. Osmaflux Ideal Free, Mulan Spirit N, Power Extract Blue, Select Power Blue, Select Detergent Blue, Cool Care Blue and Neutracetic) with Peracid Liquid (5% peracetic) and Peracid Forte (15% peracetic) as bleaching /hygienizing agent
  • Green’R line with the Ecolabel certification and bleaching/hygienizing agent called Green’R Ultra Albi (5% peracetic)

So, the frontier of eco-compatible washing processes extends over another variable that integrates the continuous research and development of methodologies aiming at a more available, responsible and eco-compatible service”, adds in conclusion Ruggero Sammarco.

We are now speaking with Montega, a company based in Misano Adriatico near Rimini, and Stenilio Morazzini, the General Manager at Montega explains, “we have always been distinguished for paying great attention to sustainability. Montega® started supporting “Green” chemistry years ago. Over the last years, the negative effects of human activities on nature have become the focus points, and everyone’s awareness has grown. The problem of pollution and the “Climate Change” are under the eyes of everyone and there are many people, and most of all, companies that have taken big and small steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Our offices and factory buildings have been provided with a photovoltaic system that allows to capture the solar light (renewable energy source) to produce energy while reducing the CO2 emissions to the minimum, which has made us independent in terms of energy use. Using paper bags in the production of our powder detergents, buying containers made of recycled plastic for our liquid detergents and the everyday contact with our clients to inform how to use the concentrated products best in order to reduce transportation and the CO2 emissions: these are the actions developed by our Team Montega®. Distinguishing ourselves does not only mean developing Green products. It means creating “good Green products” based on raw materials of natural, plants origin. This is why, we introduced products that have attracted clients because of their quality after having informed them on the products’ characteristics, our principles on sustainability and the respect for the environment. Today, clients will verify the production methods, the energy sources applied and the “fair trade“ company policy before buying a product. Doing so, Montega® acquired advantages in terms of “Brand Reputation” by activating the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and by significantly improving our clients’ perception of the brand”, concludes Morazzini.

“At Surfchimica, a company based in Peschiera Borromeo (MI), we have developed sanitizing products composed of a detergent, a softener and a hygienizing finisher: Surflean cleansing, Softlean asept, Surflean Hygienic plus”, says Marco Vaccari, the co-owner of Surfchimica and in charge of Export and Research.  The characteristics of the products can be briefly described as follows:

SURFLEAN CLEANSING is based on a concentrated, hygienizing formulation for a professional use also at a room temperature. It has been enriched with active enzymes. What should be considered is that its biodegradability is higher than 90 % and the solubility in water is complete (also in cold water).
SURFLEAN CLEANSING has a high concentration of emulsifying surfactants to remove soil and grease. It is enzymatic and it also guarantees an efficient stain removal. It is suitable for delicate and coloured fabrics. SURFLEAN CLEANSING can be used to treat every type of fabrics, both natural and synthetic ones, in a washing machine or washed by hand.
SOFTLEAN ASEPT is a formulation based on hygienizing, concentrated agents for a professional use. It has a double active ingredient for a long-lasting and deep hygiene. It is suitable for all types of fabrics, including the delicate ones both white and coloured. Thanks to its special formula, it offers excellent performance as it hygienizes the garments leaving them scented and soft.
Finally, the last product of the line, SURFLEAN HYGIENIC PLUS, is a hygienizing product with a wide spectrum of action. It assures a sanitizing-hygienizing washing process. It prevents the formation of bacteria in the washing processes in water, therefore it prevents infections. It contains the peracetic acid that has been recognized by the ISS (TN, Italian National Institute of Health) for its efficacy against viruses. SURFLEAN HYGIENIC PLUS is dosed in the washer after having washed the linen with surfactants, preferably the non-ionic ones (e.g. SURFLEAN CLEANSING). It is compatible with all the washing cycles and textiles. It contains a double, active ingredient based on oxygen and the peracetic acid which guarantees deep and safe hygiene.

“The above is our line of hygienizing products that efficiently meet the requests deriving from the current health crisis. The line is used by a vast number of clients ranging from a dry-cleaning shop to an industrial laundry.”

In conclusion, speaking about eco-compatibility, Surfchimica offers greatly successful products called NAT. The line is composed of plant origin products for washing (Nat wash detergent, Nat soft softener, Nat plus washing booster, Nat Clean stain remover). The line, adds Vaccari, has obtained a recognition from ISPE (Institute of Skin and Product Evaluation) as hypoallergenic and non-irritant. “We actually are really proud of the certification as it has placed something we care about the most, our health, at the very first place”.

Cliners, a producer of chemical products based in Seriate (BG) was founded in 2013 on the basis of previously gained laundry sector experience at another company, Tensiochimica. “It is actually that very experience and the willingness to innovate constantly that have led to the development of our new product line called Sub Zero”, says Jacopo Persico, the General Manager at Cliners. ”Thanks to this new line, we can guarantee very high quality standards as our product has an antibacterial quality already at around 40 degrees when treating bedsheets and towels, and at 30° when treating hospital linen. Our core business are industrial laundries but we also work with distributors and small laundries. To develop and produce the Sub Zero line, as far as raw materials were concerned, Cliners collaborated with numerous companies based in the area of Bergamo. It took two years of research to obtain a great quality product. 50% of the products composing this line are constituted by natural elements, that are soon going to be certified with the EcoLabel. The essential features of the line? We have developed a powder that, if compared to other powders, contains less phosphorus. The surfactants are based on natural elements, therefore it really is eco-compatible. Also, it is less aggressive on fabrics if compared to other chemical products.  Actually, we have been trying to improve this part even further by eliminating the corrosive component.

The SUB ZERO line consists of three products: the first one is called ZERO LITE and it translates to an excellent degree of whiteness, a better contrasting power to oil/grease stains, more alkalinity, better sequestrant also in hard water, better solubility and the temperature decrease while bleaching in hydrogen peroxide. The second product is ZERO PRO and it assures an optimal degree of whiteness, a valid contrasting power to oil/grease stains, the maintenance of the alkalinity level, a consistent solubility at any temperature, temperature decrease while bleaching in hydrogen peroxide. The last product is called ZERO ULTRA and it is a real top of the range as far as the degree of whiteness goes as well as the contrasting power to oil/grease stains with the reduction of additives. Other features include: the total control of the water hardness also under the conditions of oversaturation, a better solubility at every temperature and the decrease of the latter also while bleaching in hydrogen peroxide.  It is the real crown jewel of our range”, concludes Jacopo Persico.

Finally, we are speaking with Thomas Zeck, the Commercial Director Kreussler Textile Care, who explains, “especially nowadays, hygiene is a hot topic in laundries: textiles must not just be free from stains and smell nicely, but they have to be hygienically clean. Kreussler, the German specialist for textile care, offers a multitude of solutions for laundries of any size. With single-shot powder detergents with a bleaching and hygienic effect from 40 °C like TREBON PLUS and modular liquid solutions for OPLs washing at low temperatures such as the ESDOGEN product line, Kreussler offers highly concentrated, powerful solutions which combine hygienic effects with superior washing power, while being extremely gentle to the washed textiles, prolonging their life span. Even for fabrics which would normally not survive classic hygiene processes without damage, due to the high temperatures and powerful bleaching agents, Kreussler offers a solution. The hygiene rinser Lanadol ABAC as part of the wet cleaning product family helps to clean gently and hygienically clothes made from sensitive fibers like silk and wool, making it an ideal solution for textiles from old people’s and care homes, as it enables to clean the cherished favourites of the inhabitants hygienically without damaging them, supporting not just their health, but their comfort as well”.

by Marzio NAva