Renzacci, the research in its DNA brings Cleanliness & Well-being


StabilimentoInvesting 7% of its turnover, this great company from Città di Castello has been following a “mission” applied to the three product lines that appear in the catalogue today: the Bio dry cleaning machine, the wet cleaning Laundry Division and the new washing and disinfection services

Renzacci means one thing: “research”.
Without it, looking at the latest news, we would not be able to consider the absolute excellence reached by series like Nebula 2.0 and EXCELLENCE, natural solvents machines that have been designed with major regard to the environmental protection. Chronologically, the magnificent and craved results of a long story.

Used as a key, the word “research” will give you a real access to “Renzacci Spa – Industria Lavatrici”. It will also make you understand why this company from Città di Castello in Umbria is a world leader in dry cleaning machines production. Always ready not only to stay tuned for any single problem signaled by the market, but also – here the specific power of research – to prevent it.

When one invests 7% of the turnover, two things are clear.
The first one: the turnover is not only impressive but profitable, too.
The second one: the profits are strictly connected to research they have always believed in.

Sticking to the figures, they only confirm the above. Starting from the 120 foreign countries where Renzacci exports thousands of dry cleaning and wet cleaning machines, dryers and drying ironers destined not only to laundries but also to public institutions, industries, hospitals, nursing homes and tourist facilities.

A (60)“Research allowed us to understand the fundamental truth before the others – says Marco Niccolini, the Commercial Manager at Renzacci – that is, according to the currently updated knowledge and research results, washing has become more and more differentiated and aimed at reaching precise goals”.

As a matter of fact, such a constant engagement and investment in research and development has brought Renzacci Spa to designing three strategically developed lines which are extremely advanced both in terms of the exclusive technology applied to the machines and the great innovation of the service, that dry and wet cleaning laundries can offer their clients.

The first line consists of a DRY CLEANING BIO MACHINE that is the result of a revolutionary concept of dry cleaning service where the innovative action of the machine is combined with natural solvents to offer an outcome never seen before as far as garments treatment is concerned. Machines that offer high quality cleaning and well-being service. It is not a coincidence that the company wanted to underline the concept of wellness by designing CLEANBIO, a machine that contains all the important key points resulting in launching the dry cleaning (now bio dry cleaning) on the world scale.

Officina Vista 1The second action line is LAUNDRY DIVISION where the new HS WET machine series by Renzacci is strongly contributing to the success of the new WET CLEANING model.  WET CLEANING is intended as a highly qualified method where a professional washing machine with specific and advanced characteristics  combines its action with high standard chemical products so as to make the wet cleaning method really professional.

All this should not be underestimated if we consider that, so far, WET CLEANING has almost always been (often inconsiderately) promoted only as a technique that replaced dry cleaning. Such an approach often made the numerous advantages of wet cleaning take second place, especially in Italian and European contexts where still too many laundries use domestic washing machines associated to techniques that are not much different from what the users can obtain at home themselves.

“The third action line – Niccolini concludes – was to create absolutely exclusive and innovative machines that would be a turning point in offering new services or revolutionizing some already existing ones”. As a proof of what stated above, there come some brilliant examples e.g. a close circuit drier with an incorporated ecosaver system and the I-Genius, a hygienizing and sanitizing cabinet.  Apart from being commercially successful, both products obtained, respectively in 2013 and 2015 an important Smart Label award assigned by Politecnico in Milan, in the occasion of Host exhibition. Not to forget about the new sanitizing barrier WB machine series that launched a new concept of washing with double balancing in sterile conditions.

Unimaginable results if it was not for the 130 employees working at Renzacci, who share the company “mission” strongly and unanimously and aim at keeping the brand at maximum standard levels worldwide constantly. The figures confirm it again: a 15-thousand square meter plant in Città di Castello – the total area being 20 thousand square meters – totally assigned to experimentation and technological innovation with a completely automated test run department with state-of-the-art techniques, not to mention various additional satellite plants for specific production types.

macchine lavaseccoLooking at the 120 foreign countries reached by Renzacci’s export, it is clear how this research pays. If we consider that among highly developed importing markets such as Japan, the US and the European Union there are also the developing ones like Asia and Africa, it translates to precisely conducted research that follows well-defined criteria. One of them being “washing” at 360 degrees in all its integrity in terms of markets, needs and trends. Moreover, it is definitely the constant interaction between the innovation departments at Renzacci with the commercial one, always able to perfectly identify and indicate demand, needs and trends coming from the market where it operates.

The great power of Renzacci is expressed by numbers once again. There are 390 machine models, including their variants that clients can view in Renzacci’s catalogue.  The primarily important data is that the machines differ by dimension, volume and use, yet all of them have one thing in common: Renzacci’s philosophy and mindset even before the washing starts.

The future, therefore, is called bio-laundry. Big or small, industrial or artisan, it should endorse the choice of “Cleanliness & Well-being” promoted by Renzacci while considering the use of machine types and solvents.

Needless to say, the participation in the research by making business choices that take into account
the excellence of the available machines and their recognition in the world, always contributes to it.
Because, as you can see, no Renzacci machine was born without the research that preceded it.


A family “brand” admired by lots of winning patents

“Ahead of the future” is the outstanding line that has reflected the destiny of Renzacci’s ethical and business “mision”. Renzacci Spa from Città di Castello (Perugia) has always had a clearly set goal: creating the best possible present-day by doing its best at all times.

Let’s think about a factory born out of nothing but destined to become “something” important over a very short time. Let’s think about a brand characterized by a strict and deep relation with its territory from the very beginning.

Finally, let’s think about its fundamental presence in the “landscape” of a modern town like Città di Castello, that comprises both the marvels of art and nature and excellent entrepreneurship.

Gabrio Renzacci

Given such noteworthy background, we can focus on the origins of Renzacci Group whose founder, commendator Azelio Renzacci, set up in Città di Castello where he was born. It was 1965 when a soon-to-be world leading brand of dry cleaning machines was born in the heart of Umbria. Nothing to be surprised about, if we consider that this “captain entrepreneur” from the old days revealed his outstanding managerial talents in the business he founded. He also covered various renowned institutional roles such as Presidency of Italian Industrial Federation in Umbria.

Since 2001 Gabrio and Donatella, the son and the daughter of Azelio have been in charge of the business. Coherent with their father’s vocation, they also gave their contribution in terms of various additional roles such as the Presidency of EXPOdetergo International by engineer Gabrio Renzacci in the occasion of its 2010 edition.

Transparency and hard work have been the crucial base for a company policy that is opened and interested in the development of the entire sector. Standard certificates obtained by the group in various countries can only prove it, among which: ETL in the US, GOST (Russia), CSA (Canada), NF in France, Workcover Authority in Australia and TUF in Germany.

On the other hand, since 1965 till today, Renzacci Spa has never stopped “going ahead of time” of dry cleaning by creating numerous patents able to protect the exclusive quality that the company guarantees its clients through their super advanced dry cleaning machines. Among many, here are some of the most famous ones:

  • HYGENA SUN 2001™: the exclusive series of dry cleaning machines at ultraviolet rays, the only ones that can offer not only the highest quality cleaning but also an efficient and anti-bacterial action
  • SPEED MASTER ®: the revolutionary dry cleaning machine that is the speediest in the world boasting the highest number of imitation attempts. Its exclusive stills with optimized thermic output make it incomparable in terms of efficiency and low consumption.
  • NO-FLEX® FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY: the filtering system with the most advanced super-filtration cloths with very high final performance.
  • WINDJET®: the new boosted drying system, unpreceded in terms of speed and energy saving
  • ECOWASTE®: the leading device for protection of the ecology within work environment
  • ICECARE®: the revolutionary system of a built-in temperature control
  • MULTISORB®: the most advanced solution available today for polluting agents and smells removal from garments

Azienda con DipendentiThanks to such basis, Renzacci has become a universal and natural spokesman for the clients both private and public. Clients who are attracted by the high standards of Renzacci’s products performance together with the environmentally friendly and energy saving incomparable proposals.  The machine and product lines are able to cover any kind of a sector where dry cleaning is present, including tourism, food service, nursing homes, hospitals, camping and sport associations.

Today, the strength of the past and the dynamics of the present offer Renzacci the best stimulus to look ahead while paying great attention to the progress of textile cleaning and care sector by continuing to contribute to it tangibly.

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by Stefano Ferrio