Pony has been manufacturing professional ironing machines for over 60 years, a long experience acquired over the time and constantly enriched as the result of always paying attention to the needs and the trends of its customers. The real asset of a company are the satisfied customers, and these results can be obtained providing solutions that meet their expectations, in fully compliance with their health and safety. Thanks to the modern and efficient filtration and purification systems, PONY has always guaranteed the respect for the air and the water and, since 2020, all the machines are produced with green energy thanks introto a photovoltaic system installed on the factory located in Inzago.

Our daily commitment ranges in many directions: from respect the for the environment, to the safety of the workers, and up to the quality control of the materials, for ensuring a high standard product respectful with all resources involved (human and non-human). PONY was among the first manufacturers introducing the built-in boiler on the ironing tables, reducing the heat loss thanks to a condensation recovery system. The winning principle, even today, is to produce heat and steam exactly in the point where they are needed, overcoming the concept that for a good and quick ironing, it is necessary to have expensive steam distribution systems, technical rooms for positioning the gas generators, softeners, etc.

Many machines of PONY’s production range are available in a fully electric version or with a built-in boiler, creating production units with very low energy requirements, especially when powered by photovoltaic systems. Another step towards sustainability was “Idea 80”, a compact, singleboiler workstation supplying steam to an outerwear form finisher, a trousers topper and an ironing table. Created in the 1980’s, it was already a revolutionary solution, from an ergonomic point of view for reducing the operator’s movements, and from an energy saving point of view for drastically reducing the energy consumption. The commitment to sustainability continues with the introduction of the TAS vacuum and blowing ironing table which, in its “cold ironing” version (model TAS F) with its top covered with a special anticondensation treatment and silicon padding, reduces the energy costs and offers the possibility to work in a cooler environment.

Stain removal also becomes eco-friendly, thanks to the KAPPA spotting cabinet, equipped with a powerful suction and a generous active carbon filter for the recovery of the polluting agents. In addition to its focus on quality, functionality and durability, PONY applies the best available technologies in the design and manufacturing of its products in order to reduce the environmental impact of the processes and achieve safer products for the end users. On each model have been adopted innovative solutions, pneumatic Energy Saving valves, last generation electric motors, the management of condensation through pumps resistant to high temperatures, and a good insulation of the tanks containing steam or condense.

A significant step forward in energy saving has been introduced in the shirt finishers range with the PONY’s patented “H.A.R.S.”, hot air recovery system. This system is limiting the heat loss in the working environment and generates significant energy savings by reusing the drying air.

The PONY TOUCH TECHNOLOGY system, combined with the control portal is another example of PONY’s ongoing commitment to the product improvement (Ready for 4.0I). Via an Internet connection (Ethernet or WiFi), it is possible to:
• monitor the productivity
• receive software updates
• receive statistical information and reports
• control and plan the maintenance • perform remote diagnostics, reducing the need for technical interventions at the customer’s location.

During the EXPOdetergo International trade fair, you will be able to see in operation all the machines that have made the PONY brand famous, but also new products including the DB360 and ANGEL 3.0 shirt finishers for “LIVE demonstrations”. These new models are equipped with:
• The latest PLC technology
• NEW CONTOURED BUCKS for a better and faster shirt finishing
• HARS SYSTEM for hot air recirculation
• NO-SHINE TECHNOLOGY to prevent traces of shine on dark fabrics
• SLEEVE TECHNOLOGY for impeccable ironing of cuffs.

These features ensure the best ironing quality and a reduction in energy consumption of up to 25% compared to the traditional shirt finishers using the “blown” technique.

PONY and its sales and technical team will be pleased to meet you at the booth K11-L20 – Hall 1. Come to discover why PONY is the best solution for the professional ironing! •






edited by
Marzio Nava
Detergo Magazine, Number 9, September 2022