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Competitiveness , in a increasingly global market, does not pass through technological innovations only. To innovate you also have to invest in the people and for the people, true and big asset of an enterprise of any size.

Growing the company  as a “big family” has always been the trademark of the Fumagalli family, owner of PONY Spa since its foundation, and this is also proved by the life-long relationships with its employees, in a time period where job insecurity is the most common word used to describe the work environment.

A dimension where continuity goes along with evolution, through a renovation that involves indiscriminately the range of products and the technology used to produce it, without neglecting the investments needed to improve the work environment and the introduction of new human resources in the staff. Ingredients of a recipe that has worked for over 50 years and still continues to work.

Organico Pony al completo
Pony complete staff 

From a small company born from the entrepreneurial spirit of the two founders, PONY has become a major international reality selling its products all over the world and leader in the field of professional pressing and finishing equipment.

The recent transformations of PONY arise from  these premises : the beginning of 2016 has seen the conclusions of the refurbishment of all sales and administrative offices and renovation will continue in the next future with the engineering and production offices.  Optimism and the will of doing business are thus tangible and project PONY in the future supported by the ambition of producing work and well-being for its employees, where the relationship with the human capital actively and positively influences the customer’s orientation, being based on the company identity.

Lo staff tecnico Pony
Pony technical staff

A glance at the future that does not disregard the generational change and aims at the acquisition of renovated expertise and motivations, through the integration of new and young personnel.

PONY is composed by a team of 80 people, with the task of translating the ideas of today into the innovations of tomorrow.

Link to a virtual tour  “Pony Spa”: https://goo.gl/maps/XKb9HZDo9dT2

March 2016