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Natural cleaning techniques offered by RENZACCI bio dry cleaning machines


The Renzacci Spa, with over 50 years of history and a presence in more than 120 countries all around the world, continues its intense process of investment in new technologies and exclusive patents that have always decisively contributed to the progress of our sector.

And it is thanks to this constant innovation activity that Renzacci can currently offer its new range of BIO DRY CLEANING MACHINES designed to bring the exclusive NATURAL CLEANING service to our sector.

The NATURAL CLEANING techniques offered by the RENZACCI BIO DRY CLEANING MACHINES are extremely innovative. They remarkably increase the type of garments that can be treated if compared to the past and, in addition to a very high cleaning quality, they also guarantee wellbeing, biodegradability and biocompatibility.

In order to offer the advantage of personally experiencing this great innovation, Renzacci offers its worldwide clientele the opportunity to take an advantage of the exclusive RENZACCI CAMPUS program. It provides focused learning on NATURAL CLEANING techniques carried out with RENZACCI BIO WASHING MACHINES at high quality dry cleaning shops that base their success on these innovative techniques used daily.

In the Renzacci CAMPUS facilities, moreover, it will be possible to carry out washing courses on the wide range of Renzacci products, which includes washing machines from 9 to 120 Kg capacity (from 20 to 264 Lb.), tumble dryers from 10 to 120 kg (from 22 to 264 lb.) and drying ironers from 1,4 to 3,2 m, a useful ironing length.


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