MONTANARI – Innovative linen handling systems in the sign of 4.0


Technological evolution and a new vision of the future are conditioning the necessity for the companies to control production processes even more, industrial laundries included. The latter will soon need to become more competitive in order to face the future new challenges of the market; such a transition will be possible also thanks to the enormous, planned investments in 4.0 industry.

Sector perspectives reveal a further push on the prices as well as higher and higher cleaning and hygiene requirements. Therefore, it is going to be necessary to obtain a new production model based on a higher degree of automation of all the productive processes and a greater interconnection of machines so that the process can be monitored in full, from the entrance of soiled linen to the final delivery back to the clients, in order to reduce waste to the minimum and increase the productivity and efficiency.

A complete management and linen handling inside industrial laundry allow to constantly monitor the entire process and to intervene in time in case of inefficiencies, which also assures the possibility of addressing and improving the single stages of the process.

For more than 70 years, Montanari Engineering has designed and constructed automation systems and management software for industrial laundries, meeting the specific requests by the clients under the perspective of 4.0 industry.

Moreover, over the last years, the company has developed new software solutions that allow to monitor the production, work stations and the operators’ performance in real time; linen tracking and its real lifecycle from clients’ warehouse to the daily count of pieces in laundry; the management of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of machines and systems; checking the economic/financial trends through analysis and advanced reporting.

The main goal is to make industrial laundries more competitive, productive and innovative. The aim is to support them during the entire industrial process while identifying waste, inefficiencies and possible critical points in linen handling, and to facilitate the interconnection of the machines so that the operators’ interventions are reduced and the use of all the involved resources improved.

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