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After the pandemics, and the war in Ukraine with its consequences, from the most dramatic aspects (for the people directly affected), the skyrocketing prices, to the raw materials and electrical components scarcity (but not only). From all of these, Maestrelli, a long-standing company based in San Giorgio di Piano close to Bologna, understood that the flexibility and the promptitude in responding to every customer’s needs is the key to success and longevity!

Our range includes, first and foremost, dry-cleaning machines, from models that are (still) using perchloroethylene (the ENERGY range, that includes from the smallest dry-cleaning machine designed with a single tank and with a loading capacity of 6/7kg, and up to the largest one equipped with 3 tanks and with a capacity of about 80kg) to the multi-solvent machines (that are functioning with another type of solvent, other than perchloroethylene).

We are talking in this case about the DREAM CLEAN dry-cleaning machines line, with machines from 10kg up to 45kg loading capacity, equipped with both: technology without distillation (machines designed to significantly reduce the consumption of electricity, water and solvent and that, thanks to a double filtering system based on a rotary nylon filter and a large cartridge filter, the solvent is always clean) and technology with distillation. The dry-cleaning machines can be also hard mounted or soft mounted (equipped with shock absorbers like the high-spin washing machines) for shorter washing cycles and higher productivity.

Our production continues with the water washing machines with low, medium and high spin, available in models starting from 8kg capacity and up to 120kg, not forgetting about the XWB models with 25kg, 35kg and 70kg capacity, with aseptic barrier (designed with double doors, one for loading and one for unloading, to avoid any possible bacterial contamination) suitable particularly for the medical/hospital facilities.

In addition, we have a tumble dryers’ line with loading capacities from 10kg and up to 120kg, including the closed-circuit line (machines that do not require external hot air exhausts) and achieving significant energy-saving results; the range is completed by large ironing/drying machines such as flatwork ironers and drying ironers. Especially nowadays, the wideness and the thoroughness of our range are crucial aspects that many customers can now consider for having Maestrelli as their unique and reliable partner for equipping a new, modern and complete industrial laundry.

This makes much easier every logistical/operational aspect (it means having a single pickup point, a single shipment, consequently simplified customs procedures, and consequently, saving money!). For us, the attention for the customer can be also translated in offering the possibility of making small but significant customizations regarding the design of our machines without necessarily relying on a single, standardized production line.

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