“Made in Germany” meets “Bella Italia”: Kreussler Textile Care has opened a subsidiary in Milan


The family-owned textile hygiene specialist Kreussler, founded in 1912, is happy to announce the opening of its new subsidiary in Italy. Situated in the fashion capital Milan, Kreussler Italia S.r.l. provides Italian laundries and textile cleaners of all sizes with excellent customer service, in-depth technical support and, last but not least, fast shipping thanks to a well-stocked warehouse. One of the brand new products presented very successfully at the EXPOdetergo International in October 2018 has been created as a direct answer to the requests of Italian customers: the fabric softener concentrate OTTALIN SOFT intense scores by its long-lasting and thermostable fresh fragrance

The German specialist for textile care Kreussler has invested in a new subsidiary in Italy to better satisfy the needs of its many Italian customers. Fittingly situated in Milan – the perfect city for a company that specialises in solutions for the care of even the most precious fabrics –, Kreussler Italia S.r.l. offers support and solutions to customers of all sizes. With an agile sales team delivering in-depth technical support and highly individualised customer service, the needs of industrial laundries, textile cleaners and inhouse laundries are covered by a large portfolio of both products and technical solutions like tailor-made dosing systems.

Made in Germany – with know-how and family tradition
“Made in Germany” is still standing for a special quality: solutions made with care, based on excellent market knowledge and thorough planning, always precisely fitting customer needs. The fact that Kreussler is a family business that is in the hands of that same family since its foundation 1912 adds a lot of very important tradition to that underlying general quality. “For us, the customer always comes first” says Dr. Stephan Travers, greatgrandson of the company founder Christian Kreussler. “We develop and manufacture everything in-house, as this is how we can ensure that our solutions are really tailored in line with our high-quality commitment. Our Marketing and Research & Development teams know exactly what our customers want, and our international subsidiaries and partners enable us to always know about the latest developments. By the way: a lot of these developments are driven by ourselves! We revolutionised the textile cleaning industry by launching the Lanadol wet cleaning system developed by Kreussler together with Miele in 1991. Using water instead of chemical solvents to clean even the most precious and sensitive “unwashable” textiles was absolutely unheard of before. Today, our Lanadol product line is regarded as the reference in wet cleaning and has become a real, sustainable alternative to the traditional dry cleaning process using perchlorethylene. And of course, we keep refining it: the new Lanadol X-PRESS enables cleaners to skip the pre brushing step, saving a lot of time and effort in the cleaning process!”

from the left: Dott. Helmut Eigen (Managing Director Textile Care), Dott. Stephan Travers (Managing Director Pharma), Christa Travers-Kreussler, Dott. Detlev Travers


Sustainability and performance – a perfect combination
Sustainability is only one of the important drivers of Kreussler, as it is always paired with excellent performance. Making sure that both aspects are covered, the products and technologies aim to deliver highest cleaning power for all kind of fabrics while minimising resources and protecting the environment. This way, the experts for textile care are able to offer solutions for a broad range of customers of any size, from industrial and in-house laundries to textile cleaners. All of them profit twofold by Kreussler: by highly concentrated, super-efficient products, and by tailor-made dosing systems. As the German pioneer of highly concentrated products for the professional textile service and cleaning industry, the name Kreussler is a synonym for highest efficiency in textile care. Laundries of any kind and size can be sure to obtain optimal cleanliness and hygiene requirements, while protecting the fibers and minimising resources including water, energy and washing detergents and being as environmentally friendly as possible. A broad portfolio of detergents and laundry ancillaries in liquid and powder form cover all the needs of a professional laundry of any size. From single shot detergents like DERVAL POWER or TREBON SI via main-wash detergents like TREBON PLUS or TREBON ULTRA WHITE to bleaching agents like OTTALIN PA-CONC and finishing agents like HYDROB EASYDRY up to fabric softeners like the OTTALIN product family, each and every need is covered.

Inspired by Italian customers
The OTTALIN product family’s latest addition has a special bond with Kreussler’s Italian customers: they asked specifically for a fabric softener with a longer-lasting scent, so Kreussler developed OTTALIN SOFT intense, which was presented at this year’s EXPOdetergo. It uses specially encapsulated and thermostable perfume oils which release their fresh fragrance not only directly after washing, but also
long after machine drying. The scent-filled microcapsules act as freshness depots which are activated by light friction, releasing a pleasant fragrance. Customers appreciate not only the long-lasting scent, but its softening and antistatic effects as well as its making ironing and mangling easier.

SYSTEMK4 for textile cleaners
Textile cleaners have a multitude of opportunities using Kreussler solutions: from classic dry cleaning with perchlorethylene or other solvents via sustainable solvent alternatives like SYSTEMK4 up to the Lanadol wet cleaning process invented by Kreussler. Fabrics are cleaned thoroughly but gently using Kreussler products and technologies that are as kind to the people working with them as to the environment. SYSTEMK4, for example, replaces the possodisputed solvent perchlorethylene with SOLVONK4.
This halogen-free organic solvent shows not only even better cleaning power than Perc in many cases, but sports a far superior environmental profile. The superpure solvent is complemented by the pre-brushing agent PRENETTK4, the dry cleaning detergent CLIPK4, and the proofing spray VINOYK4, allowing for a 360° solution for most dry cleaning needs. In addition, the products can be combined with other Kreussler solutions to cover any special requirements like e.g. leather finishing or the removal of extremely difficult spots.

The Lanadol product portfolio for wet cleaning

Lanadol wet cleaning for sustainable textile care
The patented Lanadol wet cleaning process is another invention by Kreussler which shaped the textile care market for decades to come. Basically, it is a system of special cleaning agents combined with a particular procedure and specifically designed wet cleaning machines. The focus of wet cleaning is on “non-washable” textiles with the care label “P” and/or “F” which cannot be treated using normal
washing and drying procedures due to the risk of felting and shrinkage. The Lanadol wet cleaning is a holistic concept that is adapted to the characteristics of the textiles. It ensures the cost-efficient and easy treatment of less sensitive textiles as well as maximum protection for sensitive ones. Two procedures (Lanadol DRY and Lanadol SENSITIVE) and a comprehensive product portfolio enable gentle but thorough cleaning of practically all kinds of textiles.

EASY T: Kreussler dosing solution for continuous batch washers

Tailor-made dosing systems for every need
The Kreussler dosing systems are developed by the company’s highly trained computer experts, technicians, electricians and mechatronics engineers in the German headquarters. The systems are adapted to the operating conditions and size of the target plant to ensure optimum dosing of liquid and powder products.
Production data acquisition and visualisation representing processes and plants individually and to scale are also implemented,
using an intuitive operating interface. State-of-the-art database technology provides transparency and identifies previously unrecognised optimisation potential. Centralised and decentralised dosing systems along with numerous modular expansion options and accessories
offer a tailor-made solution for every size and need.



Chemische Fabrik Kreussler & Co. GmbH
Rheingaustr. 87–93
D – 65203 Wiesbaden
T +49 (0)611-92 71-0Kreussler Italia S.r.l.
Largo Guido Donegani 2
I – 20121 Milano
T +39 0865 234683



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