Recent investments in a hydrocarbon dry-cleaning machine and in professional ironing equipment have completed the automation and the digitalization of this historical laundry shop. The Manferrari family have been running the business, based in Cento, since 1950, and today, they are using a management system that can trace every single garment. “The quality we offer here is so high that when we tried the low-cost way at some point, the clients were non interested”

“One morning you wake up and your shop, one machine after another, one sacrifice after by another, has become a 4.0 laundry, automated and connected online, which seemed impossible still only a few years ago. Whereas instead…”. We are speaking with Antonio Manferarri, 65 years old, the owner of the Bazzan laundry in via Donati Street 7/b, in the Old Town of Cento, based in Ferrara province.

Mr. Antonio is a perfect example of the fact that our lives can become really beautiful and worth living when work becomes a base for reaching our goals and accomplishing challenges, with improvements and changes so great that they turn into the highest possible technological excellence without betraying, yet highlighting, a real artisan tradition with its high quality.

The huge success of this textile care laundry shop is reflected by the many loyal and fully satisfied clients acquired over the last 70 years of the activity. Bazzan, a dry-cleaner that is careful about the environmental protection, has implemented an innovative water recovery system and last generation machines that weigh the garments. Also, the consumption of water is optimized and the best sanitizing, concentrated detergents are dosed automatically. Last generation led lamps installed everywhere in the laundry shop guarantee great visibility and reflect great care for the environment. This is how the Bazzan dry-cleaner’s perceives eco-friendliness.

On the other hand, investing, creating and renewing are the constant elements in the history of the Manferrari family. The connection to their roots is already reflected by the very name of the laundry, that was not named after some Venetian relative, as it could have been alleged, but after a town called Bazzano, in the province of Bologna. “My great grandfather, Antonio Manferarri, moved from there to Cento, therefore people started calling him the Bazzan – the dry-cleaner recalls. – So, when my father Angelo decided to open a laundry in 1950 in Cento, having already been running a well-known butcher’s shop there, they could not have chosen a better brand name than Bazzan to name the shop”.

In that year, back in 1950, there were no mistakes made. Mr. Angelo always kept in mind the future of all of his five children and he managed his business brilliantly. So did his brother, Sandro, who opened his laundry in Pieve di Cento. When he reached the retirement age, he rented the business to somebody else. “Me’? I am not going to stop – reveals Antonio Manferrari – as I am the type of a person who gets up at six a.m. ready to fight through another day. Also because I feel I need to work with and try all these machines. I find technology irresistibly fascinating ever since I was a child. I used to work at a butcher’s but in my fere time I would run straight to a laundry shop to watch washing machines and centrifuges running. Already back then, I understood what my road in life was. Thanks to the support of my dear sister, Edda, we managed to open a business together and start this wonderful adventure. Today, I must admit that her teaching is still the foundation of this business”.

A fatal attraction for technology on the one hand, while on the other, a natural talent to establish relationships with clients, understand their needs and expectations. This is how we explain the success of the Bazzan laundry that Antonio Manferrari is now managing with the help of two employees, Annalisa and Daniela. “When the service offered is authentically artisan, like in our case, the price is never a problem – the entrepreneur reveals. – I remember that many years ago, in order to face the competition, I launched double pricing for some services, e.g. shirts ironing was offered at a low-cost price version. It took me very little time to discover that our clients were not interested in it at all, because they were basically coming to my store to obtain the artisan quality of the services we could offer”. “I can actually understand them, – continues Manferrari – because to us, garments cleaning is a mission. You cannot easily find a shop like ours, e.g. on one occasion, we cleaned a wedding dress by hand, one centimeter of fabrics after another, we cleaned it this way because it was not to be washed in a machine. Who will ever lose a client after such a thing?”.

Dedication, quality, experience but also a lot of technology and the constant willingness to improve the service offered through renewing, such is the fundamental recipe by Mr. Antonio.

Advanced robotic shirts and pants finishers make part of this hi-tech laundry just like the new hydrocarbon dry-cleaning machine, that combines excellent cleaning results and surprisingly beautifully scented garments. Furnished nicely, the laundry also has three washers, two driers and the software thanks to which the machine producers can monitor the machines from remote in real time. Finally, there is the “barcode” management system that controls the traceability of garments which allows the dry-cleaner to process the entire workload within the end of same week, at the latest.

“The final sprint in this direction took place a year ago – says Manferrari – thanks to one of the regulations issued by the Emilia Romagna Region for businesses that operate in towns hit by the earthquake in 2012. Our town, Cento, was included. According to the law, we then received a contribution equal to 70% of the 150 thousand euro that we had invested in the renovation of our shop”.

The result is called Bazzan 4.0.

by Stefano Ferrio

Detergo Magazine October 2020