ITALIAN TALENT — Pierotti from Gubbio will represent Italy at Laundry Champions League


The above is the final verdict of Italian Overall Best Practices Awards by Cinet in collaboration with Assosecco.  Other awards go to Candidus laundry from Carrù that receives the Carrier Award while DBG from Sedriano obtains the Innovation Award.  Europa laundry from Macerata gets the Social Responsibility Award and the Sustainability Award goes to Lampo based in Mortara. The grand finale for awarding the best world businesses of the sector is scheduled for October 2018 at EXPOdetergo International in Milan


Complete, vital and projected towards the future, Pierotti laundry from Gubbio is going to represent Italy at the Champions League of laundry businesses at Best Global Practice Awards scheduled for 19-22 October 2018 in Milan during EXPOdetergo International. The qualification was conquered at the final stage of the national selection organized in Milan by Assosecco. Other final winners were: in alphabetical order, Candidus laundry from Carrù (Cuneo), DBG Service based in Sedriano (Milan), Europa from Macerata and Lampo from Mortara (Pavia).

A thorough look at the event promoted by Cinet, The International Committee of Textile Care, reveals the presence of highly advanced Italian laundries, available 24 hours per day for their clients, founded on best Italian artisan craft tradition, open to new services and inspired by 4.0 business models.

Are these businesses only a tip of the iceberg that contains thousands of other businesses that, not yet ready for a change, get by day by day? Or, should we consider them as authentic leaders of the field destined to undergo a complete change very soon? Detergo’s column, not by chance called Italian Talent, has embraced the latter hypothesis for some time now. Thus, the quality of the business represented by sixteen laundries participating in the national Best Practice Awards fully supports the conviction deriving from the field through our monthly contacts with excellent Italian laundry businesses. Without doubts, there still is a lot to do as far as the entire sector goes, yet, these leading examples, awarded not only for their best practices but also for their turnover, are destined to become even more successful.

et us take as an example the winner of the Italian Overall Best Practices Awards: “Pierotti Laundry Network Group” –  its entire name – means Lavanderia Primavera chain composed of seven shops over Umbria and Marche regions together with a laundry in Gubbio where everything started in 1990. There also is a carpet washing shop and another one specialised in workwear cleaning that can easily be called “a company galaxy” with its fifty employees: Stefano Pierotti managed to create his successful business over twenty-seven years starting from scratch. He launched format structures well spread over the territory. He  hired staff and provided technology that guarantee complete, tailor-made services on time. The “group” is actually formed by laundry shops inspired and based on the best Italian artisan tradition.

The victory of this business from Umbria, that during EXPOdetergo International will defend the high quality of Made in Italy competing with other European participants, was undoubtedly highlighted by the quality level of other awarded finalists. The jury was composed of the President of Assosecco, Mrs. Gabriella Platè, the General Secretary of Assosecco, Mrs. Emilia Pecorara, two entrepreneurs, Mr. Federico Cimini, Mr. Francesco Riva and myself, the Chief Editor of Detergo magazine. During the final applause, Mr. Peter Wennekes, the President of Cinet, awarded the winners whose successfully managed businesses underlined the value of this promotional policy by Cinet.

From the left Franco Costamagna (laundry Candidus) and Gabriella Platè President Assosecco

Candidus from Carrù (Cuneo) run by Franco Costamagna received the Carrier Award. The family business was founded in 1951. It has been constantly evolving from every point of view without never losing sight of its original mission that puts the clients and their requests at the very center of the services offered.

DBG Service from Sedriano (Milan)

DBG Service from Sedriano (Milan) obtained the Innovation Award that was handed to its owner, Gerardo Delli Bovi. The award gratified this excellent and modern business that deals with scientific analysis of garments and their identification through IT systems applied to withdrawal and delivery points spread all over Italy.

Europa Laundry

The Social Responsibility Award went to Europa laundry owned by Laura Bravi. Completely dedicated to clients’ needs, one of the services the laundry offers is the possibility of withdrawing clean garments at every hour of night and day through the use of special cards. The laundry also offers gifts, promotional programs and discounts for loyal clients.

Lampo based in Mortara (Pavia) with its owner, Rocco La Moglie, wins the Sustainability Award. The business aims at offering high quality service also as far as the strict system of containment trays and waste water is concerned, managed by qualified, fourth level personnel of the laundry.

Lampo Laundry

The event turned out to be highly successful and was sponsored by: Alliance, Bowe, Electrolux, Firbimatic, Kreussler, Realstar, Seitz, Surfchimica, Union.

The next step is going to take place at EXPOdetergo International where the final Global Awards are reserved for the very best laundries of XXI century.


by Stefano Ferrio

Detergo Magazine – March 2018


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