ITALIAN TALENT — Lavadì, an APP that washes for us while we are at work or at the cinema


Laundrapp, a format that conquered the British market within a minute, has just entered the city of Milan, Italy.
A winning formula where garments are withdrawn and delivered at good prices, and fast. It optimizes a dense network of laundries in the neighborhood. With such credentials, the project by Luca Bignone has aggregated excellent partners such as Gruppo Ferraguti, ForServices and Pony








An APP and… not only is the washing done but the garments are also delivered home while we are
working, producing, doing shopping, having dinner at a restaurant or going to the cinema. Everything
is just perfect and on time. The name is to be kept in mind: Lavadì.
Thanks to Lavadì, the Laundrapp format has been introduced in Italy.
Since 2015, it has revolutionized and conquered the British market.
This new entrepreneurial adventure was presented for the first time in Milan by its inventor and promoter, Luca Bignone endorsed by Simon Leech, the creator of Laundrapp in England.
The challenge has been picked by Gruppo Ferraguti, an important brand of the industrial laundry sector
in Italy and by ForServices, a leading business specialized in home delivery. Thanks to the winning
union of technological platform developed by Laundrapp, a long laundry experience of Ferraguti and the
logistics efficiency of ForServices, the app called Lavadì was born.
The APP allows to use the service of laundry home delivery daily. For now, it is only available in Milan, but it is expected to expand to other cities soon. This winning and innovative proposal sees another important brand, Pony Spa, a leading brand of the professional ironing sector, take part in it.
The APP is available for both An android and iOS and it can be downloaded on a smartphone just through few, simple steps. It is possible to indicate the type of garments to wash, fix the time of the withdrawal and delivery either at home, in the office, or anywhere convenient.

Once the user’s data is entered, the payment method is chosen and the order is immediately processed!
Created in the UK in 2015, Laundrapp conquered the English and international markets over the
next two years. Internationally, it is known under the brand whitelabel.

The platform is a combination of three types of technology applied and developed to assure
customised, safe, fast and economical performance: from the management of entered orders to
the withdrawal and the final delivery.
Defined as “the laundry Uber”,  Laundrapp constitutes one of the most advanced systems of home
delivery laundry management. It was awarded the prestigious Startups Award in the “Best App of the
Year” category twice.
Two factors that have determined the huge success of the APP, now present in Italy under the name Lavadì,  are, first, great time saving. Instead of spending time on washing and ironing, the users can
spend that time on other activities.
Second, the high quality of service that guarantees maximum attention to delicate and fine fabrics
treatment. “Today, time is our most valuable asset and thanks to the technological evolution, we have
got more and more suitable means to be able to make the most of it. The processes have become
easy and the solutions faster which in the end, will improve our lives” comments Luca Bignone, the CEO
of Lavadì Italia. “This is why – continues Bignone – we believe that the Italian market will welcome our APP as a solution that meets our hectic lives. The target we address is quite vast, starting from working mums, the young who start living alone, large families, single households, and more generally, all the people who would like to free themselves from time consuming houseworks, especially when they
can turn to a quick and a reasonably priced service.”

As far as the prices go, they are  actually well balanced thanks to the productive efficiency and a dense network of local laundries that Lavadì does not compete with but on the contrary, it offers them the opportunity to expand and increase the range of services. “Lavadì has got all the characteristics to be noticed, appreciated and chosen by the citizens of Milan today, and by the Italians since our project is a Win Win Win – concludes Luca Bignone. – Win for local laundries where we bring new business perspectives, it is a Win for our collaborators that can express their added value through classic work contracts instead of the crushing on demand of the GIG Economy, and most of all, it is a Win for the people who gain more free time discovering that the washing is done using an APP!
Lavadì is an innovative start up with some authoritative credentials thanks to excellent partners like Gruppo Ferraguti with its headquarters in Assemini (Cagliari), 700 employees and 42,5 million turnover per year, ForServices, that manages home delivery for more than ten thousand users, and Pony, that exports its technological marvels to more than 120 countries in the world. •

by Stefano Ferrio

Detergo Magazine – July 2018