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ITALIAN TALENT — In Mugnano the turning point is named Biolavanderia

In fact relocating their laundry by a few hundred meters within this municipality on the outskirts of Naples was not the only change implemented by the De Laurentis family.

At the same time, the machinery and “laundry philosophy” was also switched to use hydrocarbon-based dry cleaning solvents, and advanced Wet Cleaning methods for water-based laundering.

All of this allows the company to offer comprehensive, technologically advanced, and sustainable laundry services.


How do you become “the go-to laundry” for the entire region? By offering 21st century customers services designed to go beyond the cleanliness of their garments, and ensure their “well-being”.

This can be seen and learned on the home page of “Biolavanderia De Laurentis” of Mugnano di Napoli, and it does not take much to realize that these words are rooted in the history of the company itself, where “family” and “territory” are pivotal to its entire business concept.

“It all started when I was a child, and my Mom Angelina Sepe managed a laundry shop in downtown Naples”, says Mario De Laurentis, now in his forties, and owner of the Biolavanderia located in this large town on the outskirts of Naples.  “That’s where I quickly started to learn the trade”, De Laurentis continues, recalling with silent pauses rather than words the summer days spent smelling clean scents, unraveling packing paper, memorizing cycle times and wash temperatures required to ensure customer satisfaction.

That is how he formed an initial, fundamental idea of service that is artisanal, attentive, and personalized as much as possible.  And, as unique ideas for positive changes are destined to do, this concept continued to exist only within Mario De Laurentis’ imagination until shortly after his high school graduation in 2001, when he decided it was time to open a new laundry together with his fiancée Filomena Imperio, who has since become his wife, and the mother of their three wonderful children.

De Laurentis explains “I already knew the machinery and procedures and since Filomena had just earned her accounting degree and knew how to manage the bookkeeping and financial reporting, we opened our first laundry here in Mugnano, about a kilometer away from our current location”.

In the years thereafter we continued to grow, share and compare, experiment, and strengthen business relationships such as the one with Casella, a leading distributor headquartered in nearby Pomigliano d’Arco, who provides excellent textile care services across the entire Italian peninsula. Last year, in September, we once again decided it was time to move both our machinery and ideas to a new location. Hence Biolavanderia was established, as best described by the words of Mario De Laurentis: “In this new laboratory we changed our dry cleaning process, and at the same time implemented water-based Wet Cleaning. First of all, we stopped using perc for dry cleaning, and switched to hydrocarbon-based solvents.

“We had to do it from a multitude of perspectives — explains the owner of Biolavanderia of Mugnano — First of all because using natural products allows us to raise our company’s sustainability standards. Secondly, because it allows us to offer a more comprehensive service, given that today’s garments are increasingly made with synthetic fibers, screen-printing, beads and embellishments that perc tends to melt rather than clean, unlike hydrocarbon solvents”.

A similar train of thought led to investing in Wet Cleaning, “because it has proven to be the best cleaning method for certain types of garments and stains”, states the owner — I am referring to wool blankets as well as garments permeated by foul odors or with halo-like stains. Nothing can resolve these issues better than Wet Cleaning”.

Obviously none of these changes happens automatically. They require a lot of thinking and the ability to choose machines and chemical products of excellence. “And another key aspect – continues Mario De Laurentis – is to approach the task with a different, more artisanal mindset.  This is because certain stains, such as grease stains, might require two washes instead of one, and also because Wet Cleaning has to be adapted and performed on a case-by-case basis, with full knowledge of what caused the stain”.

The most important thing, which unfailingly happened in the case of Mario and Filomena’s Biolavanderia, is to have loyal customers who follow their trusted laundry’s lead not only in terms of location, but in terms of a new, responsibly evolved and comprehensive cleaning philosophy. The brand new furnishings of the Biolavanderia also serve this purpose, starting from the large and inviting service desk, which immediately makes customers feel that they entered a truly eco-friendly, go-to laundry.

by Stefano Ferrio

Detergo Magazine June 2019

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