ITALIAN TALENT — Dagnini Group from Bologna multiplies quality and organization by ten


For 36 years this holding of cleaning has been able to grow its roots both in the historical city and in the shopping centers, and in the ten headquarters where it resides thanks to the differentiated services that were born through always paying attention to clients.


IMG_4793“Nowadays, a client does not enter a shop by chance” is a key-phrase by Piero Mazzetti, one of the owners of Dagnini Group that has become the main character in the history of laundry in Bologna over the last 36 years: a holding founded in 1980 that immediately introduced some solid business principles based on the artisan tradition where everything moves around clients and their needs.

“If a client enters a laundry – Piero Mazzetti adds – we know that they have four goals to reach, all of them of the same importance: quality, money saving, hygiene, short time”. All these words are to be weighed carefully as they are pronounced by someone who, managing a company with 46 employees in ten different locations, knows the market and its constant transformations perfectly well. It is useful to focus on the clear and captivating images on the home page of Dagnini Group website, where particularly nice graphics naturally takes you from one image to another, from the famous ancient Bologna porticos to the big shopping malls area.

25°Dagnini GroupAs for the prudent clients, today it is easy to imagine hectic crowd in all these places, people who are careful about their house spending, curious to look at the shop windows, the products and prices more than enter the shop carelessly without knowing what to ask for. Exceptionally, the name Dagnini, however makes them recognize some sort of a steady point in the city commerce panorama.

“Solid reputation of a company is actually a good start – Piero Mazzetti explains– because it helps a client to cross the threshold of a shop. It also depends on great flexibility that we set to ourselves as an objective from the beginning, gathering all the indications coming from the development of a city like Bologna, in order to go and open every new shop in the right place”.

IMG_4754“Once inside – Mazzetti continues – a client is at the beginning of a process made of questions and answers which is still not a real dialogue. How much is this? Do you also do this? What is the delivery time? Only when every question is answered, they will be in the condition to decide, and in case of a yes, they are going to leave us something that belongs to them, something that we, Dagnini Group know to be precious for them, and it is to be given back looking new. It is indeed necessary that that client takes his washed garment  back home, the garment washed following the best possible quality standards, money saving, hygiene and the delivery on time. Only because they ask for all this, they already are our clients”.

IMG_4790Such approach turns out to be working anywhere we see the sign of the company name appearing in ten different places in Bologna: Centronova, Centro Lame, Centro San Ruffillo, Centro Andrea Costa, Centro Fossolo 2, via Dagnini, strada Maggiore, Malpighi Square (galleria Del Toro), viale Repubblica center, Le Piazze center. From each of these shops found both in the center and in the suburbs, apart from the more important ones that have an independent system, garments are sent to one laboratory in the central headquarters of the holding. “This structure shows – Mazzetti says – how the company has pursued the goal to rationalize the resources with the support of innovative technologies and to optimize the machines which constitute the condition of conciliating big quantities of garments to wash with the consistent saving for our clients who find quality at the competitive prices here.”

LargaIt is also about an inclination to interactive and functional marketing which is reflected, on the one hand in either permanent special offers or temporary ones, on the other hand it is favoring all sorts of much requested “extras” such as: “special” services for particular garments, cleaning and repairing carpets, cleaning quilts, tailoring services, embroidery and other.

These are opportunities deriving from frequent market research carried out by Dagnini Group in order to always update their services. It is about welcoming every client who crosses the threshold of one of the ten Dagnini shops and who leaves it satisfied and loyal.


by Stefano Ferrio