ITALIAN TALENT — Bussolini Design, a multi-service laundry for Puglia’s great events


Fifteen years have been enough to trace an extraordinary parabola of this brand from Bari. Bussolini brothers have created it while focusing on supplying not only high-quality linen but also furniture, catering and whatever else is needed to define the excellence of structures that organize “front cover” wedding parties, receptions and company events for big brands. The results translate to a client portfolio composed of more than seventy hotels and restaurants spread over one of the Italian regions envied by the entire world 

Elegant, creative, virtuous. Three “strong” adjectives that refer to indisputable values. This is why the Bussolini Design S.P.A. industrial laundry and its services cause a sensation. Since its foundation, it has shown levels of absolute excellence thanks to its elegancy, creativity professionality. Thanks to these qualities, since the very first steps of the company development that started fifteen years ago, the business has been a reference point for weddings, parties, business events, receptions and events that make of Puglia one of the most cosmopolitan and lively regions of all five continents, where showbiz stars get married, cover page VIPs go on holidays and the jet set dock their luxury yachts.

It could not be any different knowing the story of Gianni and Giuseppe Bussolini, brothers and entrepreneurs from Bari who, on 16 August 2004 launched their wonderful creature, the Bussolini Design, onto the market. The business is headquartered in Gioia del Colle, currently hiring 108 employees. The staff and their absolutely excellent work contribute to the realization of a significant annual turnover, industrial laundry sector alone.

Ideally blessed by Saint Rocco, one of the most venerated patrons in Italy with yearly celebrations on 16 August, back in 2004, a brand that best reflects the Made in Italy beauty was born: with its artisan touch to the finishing, design applied to anything, their inclination for luxury market, high resourcefulness and reliability in the DNA. With an added value of that typical creative excess of “Made in Puglia” highlighted by the tout court artists such as Carmelo Bene, Renzo Arbore, Domenico Modugno, Antonio Cassano, Michele Salvemini known as Caparezza.

“My professional background had developed in both directions, laundry and design – recalls Gianni Bussolini for us – so, suddenly, as it always happens when intuition wins, back in 2004, I could feel that the two fields: industrial laundry and design could, and actually should interlace into a single thing if the objective is the conquest of a high market segment with a perspective of a multi-service development from the very beginning. This means that supplying a large hotel with linen should lead me to working in partnership on events held by that hotel, and guarantee the catering, furniture, decorations and design as well. In full agreement with my brother Giuseppe, we founded the Bussolini Design”. The format has turned out to be so successful over the last fifteen years, that the business is currently negotiating with large industrial groups to transfer it to the north of Italy.

Needless to say, it is another proof of how today, market and communication combine into one, single, successful entity. The results of that intuition shine for those visiting the Bussolini Design websites today. Everything here conveys multiform, luminous and widespread quality. The cornerstone of industrial laundry puts all the Quality cards on the table which translates to garments supplied by a textile business partner of the group and to a manufacturing department that operates in the “tailor made” way. Let’s not forget about the sanitizing washing formulas based on hydrogen peroxide; flexible and sustainable ironing that is soft for table cloth napkins, pillowcases and bedsheets, and more rigid for tablecloths and curtains. The work is made optimal by two industrial warehouses where the one used as a factory has been equipped with photovoltaic panels, Sunpower. Bussolini Design has fully embraced the concept of “green” policy which is also reflected by their fifteen vans operating on gas and destined to soon be converted into electric energy means ones.

The outcome of the linen rental service by Bussolini Design lies in their client portfolio: seventy-one names among the most luxury and elegant hotels, typical Puglia farmhouses, restaurants and accommodation structures. Structures that the multi-service business supplies with furniture characterized by the high-end Made in Italy design, table lamps designed for gala dinners and five-star receptions or armchairs, that have always constituted the creative and never-ending attraction source for the inventive mind of Gianni Bussolini. Since 2001, he has been multiplying the infinite variations of his “Maggiordomo” format (Butler), an incredibly fascinating and functional armchair designed for hotel rooms. This relaxing and comfortable seat can also contain personal objects like shoes or garments. The object is so charming and personalized that one would definitely want to have it at home, let it be the Chester model, Butterfly or the Napoleone, each personally created by Bussolini Design.





By Stefano Ferrio



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