Italian Talent — A variety of services and prices at MT, a laundry for all the Milanese


With the exclusive know-how acquired at DBG, a lab where leather garments return to life, Gerardo Delli Bovi has opened a dry-cleaning shop in the very heart of Brera. “I did that to fill a gap in the city district where there was nothing like this among the traditional niche shops and the low-cost, self-service laundries” he explains. The result is a shop designed to clean anything starting from kilograms of linen brought in by housewives to expensive gala outfits. Given the success of the “format”, the entrepreneur is planning to extend it to other parts of the city and open shops based on “Bio” cleaning offering his professional skills


MT, the name lays all the cards on the table at once.

MT, as a matter of fact, stands for “maintenance of textile”. Giving this name to the dry-cleaning shop opened in via Volta Street, 6 in Brera, the heart of the artistic and literary Milan, Gerardo Delli Bovi sends us a very clear sign about the origins and the objectives he has established for himself.

The impression of looking at the future while coming back (partially) to the ancient times is neat and direct inside a shop where everything tells us about laundry as an integral service: helpful staff welcoming visitors, non-stop opening hours from 8:30 a.m. until late in the evening, the rich variety of services offered, the hanging shirts, two-fifty each and the certainty that clients can come in here not only to drop clothes but also shoes, bags, rugs, expensive garments and anything else there is we use at home.

Who works in this sector knows they are not wrong by recognizing Gerardo Delli Bovi as a very successful entrepreneur who previously opened a lab in Sedriano in the outskirts of Milan, the DBG Service, an excellent shop specialized in washing and recovering leather garments as well as bags and shoes. “The idea around the MT was born from the experience gained at DBG Service – explains Delli Bovi gently and elegantly, features he is known for -. I had realized that a cosmopolitan city of the XXI century like Milan cannot live hanging between few, wonderful, luxury artisan shops/boutiques and an unspecified number of coin ops where the necessary low-cost prices prevent clients from choosing among more options”.

“Between these two extremes – continues Gerardo Delli Bovi – I noticed an existence of a huge gap and a widespread demand for laundries servicing neighborhoods, communities. By saying communities, I mean a group of clients as a whole. I mean offering targeted services, well-prepared, presented with care and aiming at the personal wellbeing where the washing and hygiene are fundamental aspects yet, not the only ones that matter. As a matter of fact, what counts today is also the method we use to obtain results: at the MT we use bio products exclusively, that are eco-friendly and sustainable”.

These choices take us to the history of the MT which was opened at the end of last summer in Volta street where it can easily be noticed due to its prestigious shop windows, the dry-cleaning boutique. “However, this is only the first step – Delli Bovi reveals – on the road going towards the idea of extending the shops over the entire metropolitan area of the city of Milan. Actually, the objective is to create the MT format to be then introduced in other city districts and service different types of users”. “In order to reach that objective – the owner of MT says – it is important to offer all the accessible services at market prices so that everyone can be satisfied at the MT: a housewife who brings in bags full of linen to wash paying per kilo as well as a businessman who needs his suit cleaned and ironed perfectly well as he is to attend some important work events. The same great attention is to be given to e.g. a university student who brings in his trousers to wash or a lady who needs her favorite bag cleaned”.

MT’s business card is filled with an extraordinary variety of services offered to clients also due to the possibility of using the DBG Service lab. They include, among others: ozone sanitizing, drying processes through the use of rotating dryers, possible dyeing or bleaching of garments, quality control, “decatising” that consists of a sophisticated procedure that prevents fabrics from shrinking.

These first months of the business activity that also includes home delivery service for businesses and private users with six vans withdrawing and delivering the garments, have brought first important results. Gerardo Delli Bovi sums it all up: “We have discovered the thrill of being at the service of a metropolitan city with its one million and a half of inhabitants. It is wonderful to meet two or three new clients every day, people who come to my shop and bring their stories with them, their needs and ideas, always unique, unrepeatable. Among things customers bring, we like to work with objects that are dear to them, important for their families”.

“When I discovered that the owners of vintage shops in Milan chose my shop to refresh their most precious garments – concludes Delli Bovi – I understood I got it right. This is the correct way to go”.


by Stefano Ferrio

Detergo Magazine February 2019