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Italclean has celebrated the 35th anniversary of high quality dry-cleaning machines production. The company has also introduced a new control device called VISION TOUCH, a touch screen computer designed for ITALCLEAN to make the most of the inverter, to control all the useful information relevant to the machine at all times, to quickly carry out any operation requested by clients and to provide all the necessary data on the machines and wash cycles in real time.

It is also possible to easily customize every single wash cycle according to the type of fabrics, the type of soil and stains by modifying e.g. the rotation speed through a simple touch. It translates to a real help for dry-cleaning operators thanks to its intuitive use and a full control of every single moment of washing and drying cycles. It is also useful in supporting the potential of ITALCLEAN alternative solvents dry-cleaning machines while reducing the complexity of more sophisticated machines.

As a matter of fact, ITALCLEAN hydrocarbon machines DRYTEC, rigid or suspended, with and without distillation, are the most requested machines on the market. These versatile machines make the most of all the solvents available today (Hydrocarbon, Green Earth, K4, Intense, Sensene, HiGlow, etc.) What is more, they can adapt to the new solvents that the market will offer in the future, given their extraordinary efficiency.

ITALCLEAN machines of the suspended type, with shock absorbers and the centrifuge velocity reaching 1000 rpm, can complete a cleaning cycle within less than 45 minutes, while the rigid machines can complete it within one hour.

DRYTEC NS machines without distillation have also been very successful. The machine can be purchased at a competitive price, it offers a low consumption of solvent, water and energy, and an easy, intuitive use.

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