INTERVIEW — EXPOdetergo International 2018 Where surprises never end


Livio Bassan, the President of EXPOdetergo International, predicts advisedly: “A huge number of exhibitors has responded to the Early Booking formula in an extraordinary way. This has guaranteed a complete panorama on the many new products that are revolutionizing the textile care sector”. Hence, he strongly recommends to visit the show thoroughly as every single stand is likely to be displaying important new entries in terms of machines, management systems, chemical products and marketing strategies. Do not miss the presentation on the research commissioned to Cerved institute: “A survey that will allow to make a point on the years of great changes”

Every four years, the edition of EXPOdetergo International traces a strong sign and reflects important changes. Just like it happens at the Olympics, the show displays momentous innovations in every field. The upcoming exhibition, scheduled for 19 to 22 October 2018 in Fiera di Milano/Rho, is not an exception if compared to the previous one in 2014: just to name a few examples, we moved from America of Obama to America of Trump, from Europe including Great Britain to the post-Brexit EU, from a long economic crisis that is ending to the current markets fed by 4.0 industry in full expansion.

These scenario differences are already enough to create strong expectations about the eighteenth edition of the show, since always an absolute excellence in the field of textile care – one of the most important sectors of Italian economy. Livio Bassan, the President of EXPOdetergo International for three years, expresses his views on the most relevant topics.

– President Bassan, what considerations can be made in the light of the upcoming eighteenth edition of the show?

“First of all, let’s make a toast to the Early Booking campaign. The exhibitors responded to it in the most extraordinary way. Our campaign was based on a considerable price reduction if you signed up within a given date. The figures speak for themselves. Three quarters of the exhibition space was sold a year before the show even started. The initiative has been highly successful also because it is actually necessary to be able to plan ahead for both the exhibition organizations and the exhibitors”.

–  What else?

“Well, I can say that the slogan we came up with three years ago in order to launch the show, We are updating the future, has turned out to be perfect. It is one more reason for the recognition of the great work that the organization, the management and the staff of EXPOdetergo International have been carrying out in collaboration with Fiera Milano”.

– A far-seeing slogan, we can say.

“Anyone working in this sector can witness the changes taking place at full speed. However, regardless the essential technological, management and chemical innovations that will be displayed in detail during the show, we are facing a completely new mindset in terms of laundries positioning in contexts they operate today”.

– Do you mean greater attention to the environment?

“It is fundamental. On the one hand, the society is fully aware of the irreplaceable infrastructural role of the laundries starting from health care structures. On the other hand, businesses are responding positively to the joint responsibility calling. It translates to the concept of sustainability applied everywhere: energy saving, water re-use, waste elimination and the reduction of polluting agents”.

– Does the market acknowledge such choices?

“Not only does it acknowledge them, it awards them. I am referring to the Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM) and the necessity to follow them to participate in tenders that are requesting it more and more”.

– During EXPOdetergo International 2018 we are going to see solutions by textile care sector manufacturers offered to the clients as far as the “hot” topics go.

“Definitely, yes. However, let me underline the fact that it is not the only key perspective of the show.  Actually, talking about innovation, it strictly concerns every imaginable laundry model today, including the one on the corner in the neighbourhood. It might use new solvents or it might combine a coin-op with a counter reception. Some other times, we might run into shoe cleaning services, carpet or mattress cleaning shop or whatever object makes part of our everyday life”.

  • Just as if every stand could be a surprise?

“It is an image to be handed to every visitor together with the catalogue and the precious Detergo Supplement at the entrance to the show. There actually is a real perception of such movements and changes in our sector, and because of that, it would be advisable to check every stand carefully, visit them all thoroughly splitting the visits into two days possibly. This way visitors will also be able to make the most of the extraordinary opportunities in terms of culture and entertainment offered by the city of Milan”.

– What are these convictions based on?

“On the quantity, quality and the exhibitors coming from all over the world, as a matter of fact. The presented products will need to be carefully explored by the public using all the necessary skill to evaluate the latest news in terms of wet cleaning, management systems, last generation detergents and all that the offer of textile maintenance sector consists of”.

– In the meantime, some big names of the sector have recently focused on their own exhibitive initiatives such as workshops or short tourist trips offered to clients combined with demonstrations of new machines.

“This kind of market tendency started over the last years also due to the participation of new, strong competitors in the show and the tentative idea to break lose from them. However, this does not alter the fact that there is no real knowledge of the sector without the participation in events like EXPOdetergo International, which is absolutely agreed upon by all the big names present in our official catalogue 2018”.

– Has the necessity to understand the sector better been the basis for the market research that will be presented on the first day of the show?

“Surely, the need to monitor the Italian market in detail bonds EXPOdetergo and Assofornitori, the association that brings forth the show and the magazine. This is how the idea of this market research came up. It has been carried out by Cerved based in Milan, a renowned research institute. The survey covers the entire Italian territory. It only was the right step to take if we consider, e.g. the hypothetical number of artisan and commercial dry-cleaning shops that seems to have decreased from 25thousand to 12thousand in Italy. We wanted to clarify these figures”.

– What other data is going to be presented?

“We are going to present objective data gathered on both industrial and dry-cleaning laundries. The industrial, heavy-duty laundries are fewer in number, yet constitute a more homogeneous world, while the dry-cleaning and commercial shops seem to be extremely well articulated instead. The two areas are so different one from another, that the research results on each one will be presented separately on 19 October”.

– What is the message for those outside of this sector?

“Basically, just one. The textile care sector and its historical importance as a core of Made in Italy business, strongly projected towards the future”.


by Stefano Ferrio