In Rome motorcyclists and families choose Lavandry


During its 35 years in business the laundry at Piazzale Clodio has built a wide, loyal customer base, focusing both on niche customers, such as leather-clad “bikies”, and a growing number of people who want a prompt, customized service.

by Stefano Ferrio

gente che cammina testataThirty-five years of taking the dry cleaning business to the max as the, website shows, cleverly cleaning anything cleanable: leather garments, ties for important occasions, wedding dresses and motorcyclist outfits.
Thirty-five years of knowing very well to what extent the market, fashions and trends define everyday clothing. Whether it’s for shopping just down the road, your daughter’s wedding or your favorite grandchild’s graduation ceremony. And without ever neglecting certain categories of customers, starting with motorcyclists.
Giacca piumino uomo testataThis is the 35-year story driven by a very open company philosophy, that Lavandry Professional is about to celebrate. The laundry is a specialized laboratory located in Rome’s Piazzale Clodio 3/a and has been in business since 1980. This is where, as owner Marco Mosca can tell you, customers continue to show up ever since Lavandry Professional opened because they know it’s a real provider of services that cater to an ever wider range of needs: from families who regularly bring their load of blankets and duvets, to the “weekend bikies” fitting them out for their next tour of the Gran Sasso national park or of Italy’s western coastline.
micro_duvet_sleeping_2_7_1_4-1These are just some of the many, precious details we can find while browsing through the pages of the website about the company that started all this, The site seems created to show us on purpose how the Internet is simply a nice word on everybody’s lips if it doesn’t provide real contents and only has an eye-catching home-page that is of no real use.
Time has shown instead that when a search on the net gives results of this kind, aesthetics and commercial drive are merged to become one fertile image. To better explain who we are dealing with here, this is a site about a company where trends are “biblical” in that they cater to every possible request made by the customer, and also concise, in that they are based on necessarily making things quicker and easier to find on the net.
Nova 35 hAt this point let’s leave the Lavandry website “to speak for itself”. Because the pages contain all the accuracy and host of details that is to be expected from a laundry which is in sync with the times.
So let’s start with the treatment of motorcycle wear which is one of the aces up the company’s sleeve. Here is the first recommendation given to customers: “Always remember that it is better to remove any dirt regularly, without spending too much time on this: in this way you will reduce any abrasive effect or chemical deterioration in the garment caused by dust and smog. The smell of freshness comes from the hygiene and antibacterial sprays found in a professional laundry like Lavandry and the special neutral detergents for sportswear that Lavandry uses when cleaning your motorcycle or scooter outfits. Technical fabrics do not like aggressive detergents, which can limit or remove any water- or stainproof surface treatments. And, since it is not easy to find specific products on the market, it’s always better to go to a professional laundry”.
This fundamentally important hint is followed by details about leather: “The most traditional of materials for motorbike or scooter riders – reads the Lavandry site – is leather which requires different care according to the technology and its special features. For nubuck (suede) garments, cleaning can be more difficult than in other cases. Tanned leather has been treated and therefore is more resistant to dirt and stains. A sponge or a microfiber cloth can help remove most of the dirt. The more difficult stains can be removed with neutral soap or, in the worst-case scenario, stain remover sticks which are often very expensive and are offered by leading manufacturers of motorcycle or scooter outfits. After cleaning, everything is wiped with a damp cloth, especially the areas treated with detergents and the garment is hung up to dry. It is always better to use products that nourish the leather. There is also another treatment that guarantees the necessary breathability. When the leather is dry, wipe with a smooth piece of cloth (cotton or wool) to remove any excess cream or any remaining dust or dirt”.
testata2“Pay attention however – the company website ends – “although it may not seem the case, one small mistake can ruin your leather outfit. So, if you want to get something dry cleaned professionally without wasting time and without any risks, your best option is a professional laundry. We at Lavandry are specialists in this area, and can guarantee excellent dry cleaning, ensuring that the motorcycle or scooter outfit you bring gets the attention it deserves”.
As in every business activity, it can be fatal to be satisfied with what you have achieved, important as it may be, without looking into new opportunities. In addition to its traditional cleaning and ironing service, Lavandry specializes in a number of innovative services, not just for motorcyclists, but for their families as well. The cleaning of high-end shoes like Hogan, Timberland, Café Noir and Prada is one example; as is a specific anti-microbial detergent used for ties and scarves; or the five-step cleaning process – from beating to drying, to the additional anti-mite treatment – for special items like carpets. That’s not all however. Working with the PiùXte! circuit, Lavandry, offers a natural home cleaning and sanitation service that uses an exclusive ozone system for mattresses as well as carpeting, sofas, curtains, cars, campers, boats. Ozone guarantees the removal of microorganisms and bacteria, assuring a high level of hygiene, and removal of bad smells; more details are available from
coperta-lana-merinos testataIn the near future Lavandry will be working with PiùXte! again. It has something else up its sleeve for customers: ozone sanitization for helmets, cushions, shoes, strollers, and sportswear. A cutting-edge method that can also carried out without washing.
This is because customers sometimes don’t actually know that there are simple, professional services out there, thanks to companies like Lavandry who continue to give all their energy and attention to what they are doing.