GL 2020, the solution for managing new business opportunities


More than twenty years of experience in the development of the management software for laundries, laundry shops, cloakrooms and tailor shops. An innovative platform that guarantees, quick procedures, user friendliness, an efficient control of all work stages, and organisational punctuality. We are talking about GL 2020, with the headquarter located in Bologna, and specifically with Dario Leggieri, the company’s general manager. “The laundry market is our core business and there are countless laboratories and small businesses using our systems, including some of the most prestigious companies in the sector. Constant studies and in-depth investigations enabled us to develop management systems capable of solving all customer problems. Each business has its own particularities and it is important to provide customised answers, tailored to the needs of customers, in compliance with every company policy.

Our work focuses first of all on small laundry shops (as I have said), where we have achieved important goals both in terms of management software, capable of adapting to the most varied approaches for running this kind of businesses, but also on the conveyor belt automation and garments rearranging systems. The management system allows a fruitful synergy between the commercial sector and the end user, the customer, who is constantly updated on the garments’ treatment.

A laundry carries out countless, frequently diversified activities, from garment storage to the outsourcing of certain operations that need special and specific treatments. With our management systems, we can guarantee a maximum operations flow, maintaining a full control of all the management stages of a garment.

“An interesting opportunity, the “operational leasing” of the software solutions””

“We have also included in our package offer, the “operational leasing” for our software solutions.” Which are the advantages? “It does not require the mobilisation of one’s financial resources and it strengthens one’s solvency with the reference bank. The leasing has a minimal impact on the credit margins of the financial services companies and does not affect the balance sheet figures. Through the fixed leasing rates, the business planning is clear and balanced, and it has been specifically designed as each business has different priorities and needs”. During EXPOdetergo International 2022 you have presented some interesting innovations but also new business opportunities for entrepreneurial activities in the textile care market and in particularly for the laundries. The Locker stands out above all, but also the automatic storage and delivery Door.

“Locker is a development tool for the laundries”

Could you describe them to us?
“Both are equipped with cash, credit card or POS payment systems. More specifically, the Locker is a great opportunity for the laundries for increasing their volume of work and their profitability. The Locker can be installed in the companies, and with the perspective of developing the company welfare, allowing for a full tax and contribution deduction for both the company and for the employee (of up to 3.000 euro exceptionally only for 2022, and up to 2.000 euro for 2023).

The employee has the opportunity to use the laundry service by leaving the garments in the locker and to pick them up at the same place later. It can also be installed in apartment buildings, providing an efficient service on the doorstep, but also in other different locations”.

How does the locker work operationally? “The user enters the type of garments he leaves in the locker, and the laundry receives a notification of the deposited garments. Eventually, the customer receives a notification about the garments ready to be picked up via the APP “Pronto lavanderie”. It is a triangular communication system: Locker, customer, laundry. The APP is available from the Apple store for IOS operating systems, or from the Play store for Android. Payment can be made in advance or when collecting the processed garments. The locker is designed to store both hanging and folded garments.

It is purchased by the laundry, which can place it where it is considered to be the most profitable and appropriate. Analysing the sales of the product, we have noticed a wide interest from the investors, who are placing them in different locations. A partnership contract is signed between an investor and a local laundry, a new business opportunity for someone who is not a professional launderer. The investor receives a percentage for every processed garment. The software connects the investor, the locker, the laundry and the customer (via APP), so each party is properly informed.

As far as the automatic storage and delivery Door is concerned, they are installed within a traditional laundry or even through a so-called “cold point”, a room without dedicated staff. It consists of a simple collection point, where the person has to identify him/herself for leaving the clothes, and a separate delivery point, connected to a conveyor belt. Through the APP, the customer identifies itself and makes payments in cash as well as with any type of credit card or POS. In Italy we are still at a very embryonic stage, but abroad they use small dedicated locations and, in some cases, even containers. Seeing how the market is moving and the interest that we have found at EXPOdetergo International 2022, we believe that through these innovations there are excellent business opportunities for the laundries,” concludes Dario Leggieri. •




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by Marzio Nava
DETERGO Magazine # January 2023