The two friends, owners of this laundry, her of Iranian origins and him Italian, have managed to adapt it to the developments of La Spezia region, that became now a highly touristic area. Thus, becoming perfect craftsmen for the interiors of the yachts in the harbour, including that owned by the rock star known as “The Edge”, as well as for the local brides, who bring their wedding dresses to be cleaned here. All also thanks to Google

The power of social media channels and the magnificent wedding dresses displayed in the showcase. The same power required also when passing from washing Ms. Maria’s quilt, to making shine like new the cushions of Cyan – the 43-metre yacht, worth 15 million euro, owned by The Edge, the guitar player of the Irish band U2. That at the end, it is not such a long distance, as it only takes “four steps” from the city centre of La Spezia, where the Galilei laundry 2024 shop is located, to the port of the Ligurian capital that for several years it is not just a prestigious historical commercial port, but also the haven for the ship-owners and nabobs, where they discover a place capable of competing with the more exclusive destinations of the neighbouring French Riviera.

Effect of the extraordinary touristic development of the nearby Cinque Terre, overlooking the border between Liguria and Tuscany, and how Galilei laundry has ridden the wave. This laundry shop, located right in the city centre, on the street named after the great scientist, seems to be easily reachable by the locals, as well as by the tourists of every social lineage, rockstars included. A service quality offered by Galilei laundry shop, that tells a lot about the development and transformation of an entire territory, but also of a business increasingly influenced by the marketing laws. “Google gave us a tremendous boost, without even realizing it at first,” says Andrea Molinaro, one of the two partners who have been running the laundry since 1996.

“And, fortunately for us, foreigners even more than Italians like to spread the news online about the shops they visit, so one day we started discovering how many «We reccomend it» or «Excellent service» reviews we had. The highest possible reward for choosing to focus on nautical tourism which has been undergoing a radical development for about a decade in the port of La Spezia”. Then, when guided by google, once they see the wedding dresses displayed in our showcase, the deal is already done regarding both Italians or foreigners” adds Molinaro also involving his business partner Shahrzad Seid-Moussai.

Well, the name from “One Thousand and One Nights,” which in fact belongs to an Iranian lady who arrived in Italy as a young girl with her family, is not so much surprising in such a captivating story precisely because it is out of the ordinary. “One of the services we are proud of, so much so that we display it in the laundry shop window, is the cleaning of the wedding dresses after they have been used for the wedding,” explains Shahrzad Seid-Moussai, ” explaining why we can rely on a clientele sensitive to the service quality.” Like this it is revealed a business story that has its roots in the vocation for ironing that Shahrzad discovered as a young girl, fascinated by the idea of using her own hands to make clothes look again like new.

This proved to be an excellent starting point for finding work in five laundries in the area La Spezia, laundry shops where she gained all the experience needed to start her own business. And the turning point comes when, together with her friend Andrea, who is willing to become her business partner, she took over from the previous owner this laundry shop, opened in the central Via Galilei in 1965. Since then, our story has always been that of a company constantly on the move, open to the innovations emerging around us,” explains Shahrzad Seid- Moussai, “confident in being able to offer a complete service, with both washing and dry-cleaning machines, and ironing strictly by hand, executed by myself”.

“It’s a craftsmanship with no decline – continues Andrea Molinaro – so much so that it has always been a response to the demand for cleanliness from our region”. In the early years, it happens mainly with the local clientele of the historic centre, then the activity of Galilei laundry is adapting to the strong touristic development experienced by La Spezia since the beginning of this century. It applies to bed & breakfast facilities and moreover for the yachts, which from April to October dock in great numbers in the city harbour. “We have immediately learned to meet the need for quick services that characterizes these customers – clarifies Shahrzad Seid-Moussai – by professionally cleaning the cushions, curtains, and various fabrics of their boats. It’s an environment where, as you can imagine, word spreading becomes the best possible advertising.”

The two associates realised this when they were asked one day to wash the interiors of the yacht owned by an undefined VIP. “Once on board – recalls Andrea Molinaro – we learned that that huge yacht was owned by The Edge, the guitarist of the Irish rock band U2. The musician was not there on this occasion, because he had rented it out to some acquaintances, but even in his absence refurbishing his yacht was an extraordinary experience. Since then, we feel ready to satisfy any customer, which is very important for a company like ours”.

“Our success is also due to our ability to never give up in front of any dirt,” concludes Shahrzad Seid-Moussai, “because every stain is a challenge for us, from the big ones to the tiny ones, that are barely visible. And in reality, the owners of the garments know perfectly well that they are there, so they are happy to bring them to us to make them disappear”.  The rest is made by the Google reviews. •

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DETERGO Magazine # May 2024