372The show dedicated to the laundry industry is to return to Fiera Milano from 19 to 22 October 2018.
It has already proven itself to be a must-visit showcase for important themes like new technologies, energy savings and environmental impact.Boasting 20,000 visitors from 102 countries, the last edition was truly record breaking. There are great advantages for companies who sign up by 31 October of this year.

Offering a unique, highly innovative showcase that can serve as a driver of business in the industry: this is the established objective for the next edition of EXPOdetergo International, the four-yearly show that is a leader worldwide when it comes to machines, technologies, products and services for laundry, ironing and the cleaning of textiles. It is to be held from 19 to 22 October 2018 – Pavilions 1 and 3 –  in Fiera Milano.

387The last edition, which took place in 2014, ended with impressive numbers:  20,100 visitors (50% from abroad) from 102 countries, and 298 exhibitors over a surface area of 17,316 square metres overall. With such a reliable foundation, which goes to show how universally recognized its integrity is, EXPOdetergo International is ready to establish itself as the reference event for the international market.

bassanFOTO 003
Livio Bassan, president of EXPOdetergo International

The aim of the show, which is expected to anticipate the trends and future challenges, will revolve around three key concepts that will also be referenced in its new advertising image: low impact, high productivity and greater innovation.
“Sustainability is a real challenge for our market. One objective that all products are aiming for is meant to combine high performance, energy savings and low environmental impact” – says Livio Bassan, president of EXPOdetergo International. “Only by having an offering that goes in this direction can we be competitive on the global market. This is a fundamental aspect that all professionals in the supply chain are making an investment in: from manufacturers of machines that are seeking solutions that combine efficiency, energy savings and eco-sustainability; to the makers of detergents that are coming up with products that pollute even less and that require smaller amounts and lower temperatures; all the way to the makers of textiles that are focusing on fibres able to capture dirt, making stains invisible while still being easy to wash”. “These are the products – concludes Bassan – that we want to feature in the next edition of the show”.
“And along with the products, we want to highlight the companies making them,” adds Alessandro Rolli, an executive director at EXPOdetergo International. “Today, beyond safety, which is now a given, ergonomics – in other words, the optimized organization of spaces – is a high-priority science in defining work and workplaces”.

Alessandro Rolli, an executive director at EXPOdetergo International

In order to encourage this point of view, EXPOdetergo International is confirming its position of only displaying new products in the show, and therefore not allowing used machines to be displayed.  This firm stand makes this event even more important as a leading space for excellence, a true “house of innovation” open to all professionals.
This is further demonstrated by a highly integrated offering that will bring together Italian manufacturers – which dominate in dry cleaning and ironing – with the most interesting solutions from companies from all over the world. The result will be a global showcase that has never been so complete, with a variety of machines offering live demonstrations and with participation by the major worldwide “competitors” in terms of technologies, detergents, services and textiles.

And for those who choose to “come aboard” right away, there’s an important new development.

All of the companies that officially sign up by 31 October 2016 will be given a particularly affordable rate, with a discount of 25%. The organizers’ aim is to work well ahead of the show to come up with as wide a range as possible of representative companies, in order to present the project and what EXPOdetergo International 2018 has to offer to the market in an even stronger way.

Torte_ITACompetitiveness, efficiency and sustainability: companies today are at the centre of choices that will determine the future of the entire industry. EXPOdetergo International is ready to show once again how it offers the right inspirations for how we can find the best growth strategies together.



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