There are still ten months missing until the opening of EXPOdetergo International, which will take place at Fiera Milano from the 21st to the 24th of October 2022, the leader exhibition of the sector, that is preparing to tell the story of innovation at 360 degrees: washing and ironing machines, automated lines, detergents, textile care, but also new software solutions capable of improving the efficiency and the quality of work. Sustainability, digitalisation and sanitisation are the three key words around which the project is being built. The three “pillars” of an edition that is already full of innovations.


More than 12.000 square metres and 150 companies already confirmed: these are the figures that closed the early booking period for EXPOdetergo International 2022, a perfect first step towards the event that attracted a massive participation and “hit the mark”.

“These are important figures, testifying the vitality of a sector that makes an important contribution to our common well-being, thanks to the hygiene guarantee that we have when wearing our own clothes, but also going out to lunch or sleeping in a hotel” – states Paolo Pizzocaro, the exhibition director of Fiera Milano – “But these are also numbers that are proving the credibility of an event like EXPOdetergo International, globally recognised as an appointment that shouldn’t be missed, because people from the entire world are coming here to see what’s new in the sector, so here you can find the perfect place where the market can make business and networking”.

The numbers are, without any doubts, extremely significant,” emphasises Marco Sancassani, the President of EXPOdetergo, “they already say a lot, but they don’t say everything. They don’t speak about the vivacity of our sector, which turned out to be reachable during the recent Convention in Rome, that basically launched the sprint and led to these numbers. This liveliness, this ability to resist and get back into the game are the foundations of a journey that began in Rome, confirmed by a massive participation already one year before the exhibition, and which I am convinced that will be fully completed with an edition of EXPOdetergo International 2022, without precedent”.

Already today, it is therefore possible to have a clear idea of the current offer, which will provide an overview of the market and the innovations that the companies and their research and development departments have prepared in the recent years.

The proposal of EXPOdetergo International 2022 will once again make it possible to evaluate in a single context the entire offer available on the worldwide market today in terms of technologies, products and services for textile care: dry cleaning and wet cleaning machines; ironing machines; professional detergents; management systems and 4.0 solutions; complete and automated lines, and up to the textile offers (bed linen and table cloths), with fine fabrics and linen for rental.

Focused as always exclusively on new and highly innovative products, the result of the investments made in research and development in the recent years, EXPOdetergo International is confirming its own vocation: giving space to the excellence with a proposal dedicated to the best in the world for the cleaning, sanitizing and fabrics maintenance. A showcase that, as always, will also give the visitors the opportunity to see various machines operating.

Focusing the attention on the environment, to the energy efficiency, and to the quality of work thanks to more ergonomic and digital machines that are capable of monitoring and making the entire line more efficient, but also guaranteeing the hygiene of the process and of the result: these are the main contributions that the innovation can bring to the various contexts of application, from the laundry – whether local or industrial – to the sector and hospitals.

Companies that subscribed to the Early Booking. Direct exhibitors and represented companies (co-exhibitor companies highlighted in italics) – Updated on 3 December 2021


Detergo Magazine – Number 12, December 2021