Events — Dubai, November 2017 “Gulf Laundrex Linen-Care Expo powered by EXPOdetergo International” Still in time to sign up The number of participating Italian companies is growing



Great enthusiasm about the successful initiative by EXPOdetergo International, for the first time the exclusive organizer of the event for Italian companies scheduled for 7 – 9 November 2017 in Dubai.

An innovative showcase for the world leading brands dedicated to machines, technology, products, services and textile maintenance named Gulf Laundrex Linen – Care Expo powered by EXPOdetergo International


The number of Italian companies signing up for Gulf Laundrex Linen – Care Expo powered by EXPOdetergo International increases day by day. The exhibition has been scheduled for 7 – 9 November in Dubai.
The constant growing of the brands has undoubtedly contributed to the consequent growth of the exhibiting space carrying the Italian flag. A great number of qualified operators, representing not only the laundry sector but also large hotel chains, restaurants and tourist sector in general, are scheduled to participate  in the show and will be addressed on 8 November on the occasion of: “The Gulf Laundrex – Linen Care Conference”.

The conference is explicitly dedicated to Made in Italy, which constitutes another valid reason for signing up by contacting the staff of EXPOdetergo International.
It is undoubtedly a sign of the success coming from the open “window” to the Middle East in order to promote Made in Italy and its growth in the global competition between laundry suppliers. Keeping this clear and important objective in mind, the exhibition destined to authoritatively mark 2017 was born as a result of the collaboration between EXPOdetergo International, a world exhibition that is going to take place in 2018 in Milan, and Gulf Laundrex that has been managing the exhibition in the United Arab Emirates for time now. The collaboration has already brought evident advantages in terms of convenience: EXPOdetergo International, the only point of reference of the event for Italian companies
has been able to guarantee a 20% discount on the exhibition rates in Dubai.
Gulf Laundrex powered by EXPOdetergo International  constitutes therefore, the best answer to the request expressed by the partecipants during the Rimini congress last year, namely to make EXPOdetergo International truly international. Consequently, signing up for Gulf Laundrex powered by EXPOdetergo International reflects a qualifying opportunity for the companies invited to present their products to a foreign market through EXPOdetergo International brand, a guarantee for an immediate recognition all over the world.
The sensation can only be reinforced by the presence of Italian companies that represent every sector of the business: wet cleaning machines, dry-cleaning machines, ironing machines, textile products, chemical products and operative systems.
DETERGO, the monthly magazine read by industry professionals and operators dealing with textile care and cleaning in general is going to reserve special columns for the pre and post exhibition reportage with the special attention to the participants and their products together with their ideas, impressions and views. •

For more information contact:
EXPOdetergo International, ph: +39 02 39314120


Detergo Magazine July/August 2017