EVENTS – 21% increase of participating foreign countries: EXPOdetergo International proves its global leadership


The exhibition features new products and technologies in the field of equipment and machinery
for professional laundries and fabric care, a segment that represents a leading Italian market,
and boasts 20,100 visitors from 102 countries

From the left: Luciano Miotto Presidente EXPOdetergo, Alessandra Moretti Eurodeputata, Michele Perini Presidente Fiera Milano
From the left:
Luciano Miotto Presidente EXPOdetergo,
Alessandra Moretti Eurodeputata,
Michele Perini Presidente Fiera Milano

20,100 visitors from five continents, 50% of which from abroad, crowded the booths of 298 exhibitors, across a net surface area of 17,316 square meters. These figures concluded the 17th edition of EXPOdetergo International, the event that happens every four years and focuses on machinery, technologies, products and services for laundry, clothes pressing and fabric care.

Professionals arrived in Milan from around the world, confirming the successful attendance recorded four years ago, while demonstrating a 21% increase from the countries participating (102 countries in 2014 versus 84 in the previous edition): 42 European countries, 16 from North and South America, 30 Asian nations, 2 from the South Pacific, and 12 African countries.

“The growth in the international representation,” remarked Michele Perini, President of Fiera Milano, “is further confirmation that Fiera Milano is capable of attracting buyers from around the world who recognise the exceptional Italian production and choose to do business in our region. This has been our mission to date: ensuring that our customers have opportunities to meet buyers from every corner of the planet. This is why we are encouraged by the positivity of the exhibitors during the event days and we are working with Assofornitori to bring EXPOdetergo International to foreign venues”.

117Luciano Miotto, President of the event, observed, “EXPOdetergo International has essentially confirmed the visitors attending the exhibition four years ago, underscoring its role as a benchmark event in a mature industry, which has increasingly found its key markets in tourism, hospitality, and nursing homes. The quality, level of innovation and research in ergonomics typical of Italian production continue to earn interest on the foreign markets as demonstrated by the results on the event days when the exhibitors closed deals and submitted orders, confirming the attention to exports shown by our companies, which in some cases has reached peaks of 90%”.

The key word of the event has been innovation. Some examples include large-scale, completely automated processing lines which promote energy conservation and reduced use of water and are designed to prevent contamination among garments; washers that can hold more than one hundred kilos of laundry in a very small space; RFID labels to identify fibres, and garment sorting systems that reduce loss of laundry and ensure savings to customers. Plus, new machinery for clothes pressing, designed for Asian and American markets but which are making headway in Italy, which can press more than one hundred shirts per hour with significant energy savings and zero-impact detergents.

29These are only a few examples of the many new technologies on display for all the phases in treating garments and laundry: from transportation and inventory of the clothing and soiled fabric products to selecting the treatments, washing, pressing and packaging for final delivery. These solutions are designed for an evolving market and which requires effective, efficient and economical solutions, while not neglecting the strong attention to environmental protection.

The cleaning industry looks forward to seeing you again in four years, in Fiera Milano from October 2018.